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    Tulip Wedding Inspiration – A Spring Wedding Theme

    So it’s officially Spring. Although the weather seems to disagree. It was like Armageddon outside after the wind wreaked havoc on my street!  Well today I have some wedding inspiration with a quintessentially Spring flower. The star attraction today is the tulip. There are some brilliant ideas here. Sit back and soak in all the tulip wedding inspiration…

    Tulip Wedding Inspiration

    Wedding Stationery

    tulip wedding inspirationgraphic tulip invitation for love me love my wedding

    In The Treehouse

    Love this quirky wedding invitation by In The Treehouse.

    tulip wedding inspiration rustic invitation for love me love my wedding

    How about this lovely hessian styled invitation by Need Invite?

    Wedding Bouquets

    Tulips are so versatile, coming in so many pastel or vibrant shades.

    Love this peachy tulip bouquet by Hibiscus Florals.

    Wedding Table Plans  Read more

    Ideas to Personalise Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

    When you get engaged, you want the situation to be perfect. And when you get married, you want the wedding to go well. But when it comes down to it, those two events are a short snippet in your life with your loved one. The ring, however, will be with you forever. You want the ring to be something you love and adore. So why not personalise your engagement and wedding ring?

    There are many beautiful options on the market but you can make your ring something unique and special to who you are as a person and who the two of your are as a couple. Here are a few ideas to help you personalise your engagement and wedding ring.

    Ideas to Personalise Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

    1. Consider Other Stones

    Most people automatically gravitate toward the diamond when it comes to buying a wedding or engagement ring. However, if you want a ring that doesn’t look like everyone else’s the best thing you can do is choose a different stone. You can use diamonds to encompass the middle stone, but pick something like a pearl or another gem you appreciate and enjoy.

    Personalise your engagement and wedding rings turquoise wedding ring for love me love my weddng

    Rong by Kokopellinh

    Personalise your engagement and wedding rings pearl wedding ring for love me love my weddng 2. Shape

    You will find in many portfolios of engagement rings, there are so many types and shapes to choose from. The stones at the center are either round or princess cut. If you want something more unique, lean toward a different shape. You can get a triangle stone, a heart shape, or even a square. Any shape other than a circle will be different than most people have.

    Personalise your engagement and wedding rings triangle diamond wedding ring for love me love my weddng

    MDC Diamonds

    3. Engraving

    You will need to make sure you choose a ring with a large enough band if you want to engrave it. The message will also have to be short. But whether you put the date, your new initials, or another message inside it, it will make the ring personal and one of a kind no matter what the rest of its details are.

    Personalise your engagement and wedding rings engraved wedding ring for love me love my weddng

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    4. Thick Bands Read more

    Most Expensive Weddings – A Wedding Planning Infographic

    With the average UK wedding now costing a mind boggling £18,000, saving for a wedding is no mean feat. The most important thing is not to lose sight of why you are getting married. It’s not to have the most expensive wedding dress. No one will think any less of your wedding if your shoes are from George of Asda of Jimmy Choo.  It is so easy to get carried away with all the bits and pieces of a wedding that everyone tells you that you MUST have. Believe me-you don’t. A wedding can be anything from 2 people and their witnesses expressing their commitment to each other in a registry office, to an out of control lavish spectacle. Just keep it in perspective and within your personal budget and you’ll have a fab time.

    Just to show you what CAN be spent on a wedding with no budget, I am sharing with you an infographic on the most expensive weddings. This has been brought to us by Cater Hire of Ireland, a company that knows a thing or two about weddings…..

    Most Expensive Weddings

    Most expensive weddings infographic for love me love my wedding

    Wow! I love a good wedding but I can think of much better things to spend my money on that an $80,000 dress or $800,000 worth of flowers! Think I’ll leave the most expensive weddings to the mega rich and famous!

    Online Wedding Registry – Envelope pushes the genre in a new direction

    Wedding gifts and what to ask for is always a tricky situation. What do you ask for when you already have a home together and REALLY don’t want another toaster or dinner service? Well the co-founders of Envelope, Simon and Tom, may have the solution. They came up with their online wedding registry idea when Simon was planning his own wedding. He just couldn’t find a nice way to manage their gifting.

    Online wedding registry envelope co founders for love me love my wedding

    Con Founders of Envelope, Simon & Tom

    “Like so many couples these days, a traditional store-based or retail registry didn’t really suit our needs. We wanted flexibility and a way to include both objects, as well as experiences on our registry. While there are a few online registries like this out there, we just didn’t like the way they worked. We’d spent so much time getting the wedding to look and feel a certain way, we wanted our registry to be just as personal, just as beautiful and just as thoughtful.” – Simon Baldwin.

      online wedding registry experiences for love me love my wedding

    After Simon and Annisa’s wedding, six of their guests asked if they could use the same platform for their own wedding and from there Envelope was born.

    online wedding registry envelope  simon and annisa for love me love my wedding

    Simon & Annisa

    Since then, the guys have helped couples not only fund their dream holiday, hang art on their walls, build a new kitchen and helped to fund a marriage visa – which is the beauty of the online registry. It can be carefully curated to reflect a couple’s wants, needs and creativity. So how does it work?

     Envelope Online Wedding Registry

    1. Choose items for your registry

    Your wedding registry should be beautiful, and more importantly meaningful. Choose the items you want to receive, adding a personal touch of imagery and words from the heart.

    online wedding registry experience examples

    Read more

    Alternative Hen party Ideas – Art Troupe Mobile Creative Workshops

    Fancy a hen party with a difference? Want some alternative hen party ideas that don’t involve feather boas and sparkly cowgirls hats? Well today I ave some fab ideas from Art Troupe Mobile Creative Workshops. They have ll the old favourites as well as some slightly different options for you too.

    Alternative Hen party Ideas

    Puppet Making

    In this workshop you will design, make and perform with your very own, fully articulated puppet!

    Working in small groups of two or three you will be given a puppet pack which will include all the materials needed to create their very own unique Bunraku puppet.

    Through creating weird and wonderful characters you will learn to bring each one to life at the end of the session.

    Alternative hen party ideas puppet making for love me love my wedding

     Workshop duration: 3 hours | Price per adult: £28 (discount available for over 7 people)

    A full day puppet workshop can also be booked. Lasting around 5 hours, this workshop will include warm ups, in depth discussions and more emphasis on the design creation and performance of the character. A lot more of the body such as torso, legs, arms will be made creating a finished puppet at the end of the day. Paints and material will be used  to create simple costumes and bring colour to the puppets.

    Workshop duration: 5 hours | Price per adult: £45 (discount available for over 7 people)

    Printing with Stencils

    Using durathene rollers this workshop will allow you to experiment with the materials and learn how to use them in building up your own print on greetings cards and bookmarks. Materials will be provided. This technique can be done at home, no need for any printmaking facilities.

    A spontaneous and exciting way to work, it has immediate results and can be used to create very simple or very complex prints.

    Alternative hen party ideas printing with stencils for love me love my wedding
    Workshop duration: 3 hours | Price per person: £28 (discount available for over 7 people)

    Upcycled Nipple Tassel Workshop

    In this workshop, you will learn how to make bits and pieces you might otherwise throw away into a beautiful pair of nipple tassels.
    All materials will be provided, but if you have your own design in mind, are a group or hen party wanting a certain theme, or just have something specific you would like to adorn your nipples with, the workshop can be adapted if you let us know in advance.

    Alternative hen party ideas upcycled nipple tassel making for love me love my wedding
    Workshop duration: 2 hours | Price per adult: £20 (discount available for over 7 people)

    Tutu workshop for Big Fairy Princesses!

    Remember the good old days when you could pop to the supermarket dressed as a fairy princess? Now is your chance to wear a tutu once again! In this workshop, learn together how to make a tutu and to top it off, there’s no sewing involved! This tutu party is bound to be a hit with all the Big Fairy Princesses you know!

    Alternative hen party ideas tutu making for love me love my wedding
    Workshop duration: 1.5 hours | Price per adult: £20 (discount available for over 7 people)


     Make your Own Fancy Dress Costume

    Fancy Dress Events abound in Bristol and often the best fun is in the preparation. Lou will guide you through some simple techniques and ideas to create an original costume to impress your friends. Probably no sewing entailed!

    Alternative hen party ideas making fancy dress costumes for love me love my wedding
    Workshop duration: 3 hours | Price per person: £28 (discount available for over 7 people)

    Read more

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