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    Seashells and Surf – Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

    The perfect day calls for the perfect venue, and for many couples, getting married against the backdrop of the ocean fits the bill. Today we have some advice from wedding photographer Alex Couvreur.  When he’s not covering nuptials, he’s giving his sage advice on them. He likes to post his articles on wedding, lifestyle and family blog sites, so who better to give advicde on plannng a beach wedding. Over to Alex….

    A beach wedding can be romantic and relaxed, making a special day even more unforgettable when you tie the knot amongst the seashells and the surf. Here is a guide to planning the perfect wedding from what to wear through to capturing your special day with some great photos.

    Dressed for a beach wedding

    Having chosen a stunning beach location as your venue for getting married, make sure that you dress for the occasion.

    Many girls dream of getting married in a beautiful flowing wedding dress but a full dress with a long train is hardly practical on the beach. Walking through the sand is never going to be easy so try to think about a much lighter outfit.

    If you really can’t dispense with a traditional style dress then make sure you get one that will flow a bit more easily amongst the sand dunes and not a dress that doesn’t allow you to relax and enjoy the setting that you have opted for.

    %Wedding IdeasSeashells and Surf   Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

    Choose your accessories carefully

    Other practicalities that are worth thinking about for a beach wedding include making sure you ditch the veil. Beach locations often have a at least a breeze or a wind blowing through, which means that a veil will make photos more challenging, so instead go for some flowers or maybe a fascinator.

    Heels and sand don’t mix so choose some flat-sole sandals or a shoe that is not going to sink into the sand. Remember to have the dressed hemmed based on your shoe or shoeless option.

    %Wedding IdeasSeashells and Surf   Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

    Natural setting

    When you get married in a church there is often some dressing up to do with flowers and decorations to make the venue seem colourful as well as special, whereas a beach location provides an amazing ocean backdrop so you shouldn’t need to fuss over flowers.

    A good tip for getting the look and feel that you want for your beach wedding is to select some local suppliers who understand a beach environment and can provide catering that is representative of local produce.

    If you are having a beach wedding then you are already confirming that this is not going to be a conventional wedding, so work with suppliers who not only understand your needs and wishes, but who also have the ability to think outside of the box and won’t turn up with chair covers that are more suited to a more formal ceremony.

    %Wedding IdeasSeashells and Surf   Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

    Guest awareness & comfort

    Make sure that your invited guests are fully aware that your event is actually taking place on the sand and that they know what the dress code you chosen is, so everyone feels comfortable and relaxed.

    You might also want to consider organising some welcome gift bags that include a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen, some bottled water to keep everyone hydrated, and possibly even a hand fan to keep cool whilst they enjoy your beach-based nuptials.

    Capture the moment

    An integral part of any wedding ceremony is capturing the moment with some special photos.

    Lighting is particularly important when it comes to taking great beach wedding pictures, so get the best of both worlds and try to arrange the wedding for about one hour before sunset. This time slot gives you the best opportunity to get some striking photos in natural lighting, followed by some dramatic and amazing sunset pictures shortly afterwards.

    Ensure you capture the moment, and if you don’t have any one, find a profession that can. Check out a few wedding gallery’s and contact a few for a quote. Many people have used Squint Photography in the past, so it might be worth a look.

    %Wedding IdeasSeashells and Surf   Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding

    Plan B

    Unfortunately you may not always be rewarded with flawless weather conditions for your beach wedding so you really need to have a plan B to make sure that the wedding can still go ahead on the sand.

    Try to ensure that you have a canopy or tent ready or a nearby venue where you can take shelter from the elements and not let the weather get the better of your special day.

    Any wedding takes a lot of planning to get it right on the day, but when you tie the knot against an ocean backdrop with the sun setting behind you, a beach wedding is hard to beat.

    Wedding Stationery – Classic Wedding Invitations

    Sometimes I love to find wedding inspiration from furhter afield. Bringing fresh ideas from around the globe, so today I am excited to present Classic Wedding Invitations new ranges of their laser cut invitations from their photoshoot with renowned Australian photographer Lilli Waters. The new photos beautifully showcase the delicate and unique work of Classic Wedding Invitations.

    Photographer Lilli Waters of I Got You Babe photography has captured the creative style and exceptional craftsmanship of Classic Wedding Invitations through these new stylised images.

    Classic Wedding Invitations prides itself on the intricate detailing and high quality materials that are used to create every invitation. The revolutionary laser cutting technology ensures that each invitation is produced with precision and beauty.

    Owner and designer Linda Vydra said, “We are so happy to be releasing these new photos, as they really show the endless possibilities that Classic Wedding Invitations can provide. They are also launching a digital fabric printing service which allows clients to print custom cushions, aprons and napkins for their wedding.”

    So let’s have a look at the new range and please let me know which is your favourite…..

    The acrylic wedding invitation is an Art deco design that is inspired by the Great Gatsby and the fashion from the 1920’s. It is an elegant invitation that is laser cut onto 3mm acrylic, which creates a unique invite.

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Stationery   Classic Wedding Invitations

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Stationery   Classic Wedding Invitations

    The baroque lace wedding invitation is a delicate design that uses intricate laser cutting to create the beautiful design. It is a very elegant piece that would be suited to a classical wedding. The stylized photos uses pieces such as the beautiful vintage Lang engagement ring to represent the style.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Stationery   Classic Wedding Invitations

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Stationery   Classic Wedding Invitations

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Stationery   Classic Wedding Invitations

    Read more

    Wedding Entertainment – Surprise Flashmob

    yes, I know, everyone has seen a slick, well rehearsed flash mob. Is there anyone left who HASN’T seen a flash mob you might say?

    Well maybe not, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing to think of for your wedding and you know what? It doesn’t have to be over rehearsed or perfect-just enthusiastic and sincere-just like this one, which involved guests of all ages, shapes and sizes %Wedding IdeasWedding Entertainment   Surprise Flashmob Enjoy…..

    Wedding Fashion – Bespoke Wedding Dresses

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Fashion   Bespoke Wedding Dresses

    So you’ve trawled through every dress shop known to mankind, you’ve visited every wedding blog and read through a rainforest worth of magazines for inspiration, but you still haven’t found your perfect dress. Maybe the dress styles just don’t seen to suit your body shape or perhaps you just want something a bit more you. have youthought about getting a bespoke dress made? This service is not just for the rich and famous and today we are showcasing one such service called Leeds Bridal.  A family run business with an eye for detail and a flair for design, how exactly does this service work?

    Well it all begins with a free no obligation consultation where your design ideas (if you have any). if not then you will be given lots of images and fabric bolts for inspiration, from the world’s best silk to stunning vintage lace all the way to beautiful replicas.

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Fashion   Bespoke Wedding Dresses

    A design will be sketched up and 30 unique measurements taken. This is where the vision starts; with all the measurements a dress can be  created that is for no one in the world except you.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Fashion   Bespoke Wedding Dresses

    With all of this information, a quote is provided for your dream dress.

    Rather than go through the whole process, which you can find here, I thought it would be good to see exactly what has been created for real brides, so over to Leeds Bridal for a little bit of bridal insight….

    Neena came to us looking for a simple but perfectly fitted dress featuring an elegant lace. As Neena was getting married in Santorini, Greece, it was important to find a lace and silk that would be suitable for the weather, comfortable for a long day and gorgeous for the photographs. Working with Neena was wonderful, her stunning skin and tiny frame looked perfect in the dress. The photographs literally took our breath away.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Fashion   Bespoke Wedding Dresses

    Eve came to us after having tried on many dresses and struggled to find one that suited her petite frame. Being just under 5 foot, she found that the bridal world just didn’t cater for her. Eve knew what she wanted, a lace, 50’s style dress, with a satin sash that she could attach a vintage brooch to. Bringing this dress to life to feature beautiful pleating to the skirt to give it that iconic 50’s kick and understated elegance with the lace was a real joy for us. The sleeves were always going to be an optional addition, we started with simple straps but we all (Eve’s Mum, her bridesmaid Louise and Jackie, the mother-in-law to be, as well as the LB team!) agreed that lace sleeves would finish the dress perfectly. We’re so pleased we could achieve Eve’s dream dress and prove that petite brides shouldn’t ever compromise.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Fashion   Bespoke Wedding Dresses

    So if you fancy something a little bit more bespoke and very much you on your wedding day, why not get in touch……Bye for now, Jenny.

    Wedding Planning – Who Should Walk You Down the Aisle?

    Are you planning on sticking to tradition when it comes to who will give you away on your wedding day, or will you be flouting tradition and doing it your way? If you really have no idea what to do, if you are worried about offending anyone or if your modern family is just too damn complicated, then maybe today’s infographic by Australian Wedding Photographer, Peter Edwards Photography, will give you a helping hand….

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Planning   Who Should Walk You Down the Aisle?

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Planning   Who Should Walk You Down the Aisle?

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