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    Wedding Beauty Tips – Preparing for the Big Day

    The big day is approaching, all the preparations have been made, the church booked, the flowers arranged, the wedding breakfast menu planned – but what about you? You to look the best that you have ever looked, but your pre-wedding preparation cannot be left to the last minute. Today we have just a few wedding beauty tips that will ensure you feel in tip top condition…

    The face

    Nothing is more beautiful than great looking skin so your wedding day preparation needs to start with your face. There are no magic pills that will guarantee you a flawless, peaches and cream complexion on the morning of the wedding, so the best thing you can do is establish a daily cleansing regime at least two to three weeks before the big day. However, if you have a history of facial skin conditions, then it might be worth seeing a specialist, such as American Laser Skin Care, whose treatments can help to reduce skin damage such as scarring and deal with saggy areas using their skin-tightening services. Whatever treatments you take, ensure that your skin has the best chance by keeping it hydrated and drinking plenty of water.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Beauty Tips   Preparing for the Big Day

    Images by McAvoy Photography

    The body

    The rest of your body needs to be in pristine condition, too. Refresh your body by exfoliating two to three times a week with a gentle body brush or mitt, moisturize daily with a body lotion or cream, and apply baby oil after a shower but before drying to allow as much moisture as possible to soak in and stay under your skin.

    If you think you look a little bit pale, consider having a spray tan to give your skin a healthy glow. Ensure that this is applied professionally; otherwise you may end up with unattractive brown marks on your wedding dress.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Beauty Tips   Preparing for the Big Day


    Hair puts up with a lot of rough use and if it isn’t looked after correctly, it can look brittle and dull thanks to overuse of products and hot styling tools such as straighteners. Include Vitamin B in your diet to start repairing your hair from the inside, and use hair masks and scalp treatments rubbed well into your head to repair it from the outside. Massage will stimulate your scalp and release essential oils into the hair shaft. Have your hair cut a few days before your wedding to get rid of split ends and have a trial run of your wedding hairdo with your hairdresser so there are no last minute bad hair days.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Beauty Tips   Preparing for the Big Day


    Do not ruin your look by having ugly nails. If your nails are bitten or break easily, consider fake nails for your wedding. Have these applied professionally by a nail expert. Stick-on nails that you have purchased from a drugstore will not be robust enough for the wedding day and will fall off, leaving you with mismatched hands. Opt for a French manicure rather than colored polish. It looks more elegant and will complement rather than contrast with your dress.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Beauty Tips   Preparing for the Big Day

    There is so much for a couple to do before they marry that it can be difficult to remember that it is your big day. Make the most of it and enjoy it to the full by making sure you feel your best.


    Plus Size Wedding Style – Glamorous Curvy Ladies

    So we all know that 1 in 4 women in The UK, USA and beyond are a UK size 18 and above, even more are a size 12-16 but is this reflected in the high street or even in the wedding market? Not a bit. Couture models are a size zero – 4 and wedding models are generally a size 10, if we are lucky, and yes designers may say that these dresses go up to a size 30 but seriously, is a size 10 model going to realistically show what a dress would look like on a bride who is a size 30? Will they heck!

    So it’s lovely to see a wedding supplier that not only stocks plus sized clothes but uses plus size models too. Hallelujah! Top Wedding supply wedding dresses, bridesmaid gowns and evening wear at very reasonable prices and in a range of styles.

    %Wedding IdeasPlus Size Wedding Style   Glamorous Curvy Ladies

    The site is a pleasure to use, with different ways of searching for your dream dress. Yes you can search for your usual-size, colour etc, but you can also search by style, or even body shape. So I am bringing you my favourites along with some simple styling advice for you larger ladies.

    Read more


    Ox Pasture Hall – A Colin Murdoch Studio Real Wedding

    %Wedding IdeasOx Pasture Hall   A Colin Murdoch Studio Real Wedding

    Today I have a lovely real wedding shared by Colin Murdoch Studio, taking place at the very fabulous Ox Pasture Hall near Scarborough. Set in the heart of the North Yorkshire countryside, the setting is fabulous and the wedding is chock full of personal details. So it’s over to Colin Murdoch Studio to tell us all about it…..

    %Wedding IdeasOx Pasture Hall   A Colin Murdoch Studio Real Wedding

    %Wedding IdeasOx Pasture Hall   A Colin Murdoch Studio Real Wedding

    Anna & Liam are such a down to earth, friendly couple so we knew their wedding would be something special. The wedding had a lovely vintage element to it and the couple and their family put so much effort into the décor, from scouring car boot sales for vintage crockery, to Anna’s mum making 100 metres of beautiful bunting.

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    Wedding Planning Checklist

    Want a handy wedding planning checklist in one convenient place? Well today’s the post for you.We have a wedding A-Z infographic from The Wedding Band Shop. giving you the lowdown on everything from Wedding Apps to zzzzzzzzz……..

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Planning Checklist


    Wedding Dresses – Autumn 2014 style

    So Summer is officially over and the good news is, that means the Autumn wedding collections can be revealed. Today I am showcasing my top ten Autumn styles with Top Wedding. So let’s see what this season has in store for wedding gowns…

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Dresses   Autumn 2014 style

    That 1920s vibe is still around. Love this batwing styled lace gown.

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Dresses   Autumn 2014 style

    A flattering mermaid silhouette in appliqued taffeta.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Dresses   Autumn 2014 style

    Embellishment and femininity is very in vogue and this flower and beaded dress is just beautiful.

    Read more

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Dresses   Autumn 2014 style

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