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    Jenny Packham Spring 2016 Collection

    As the nights darken and the temperature drops, I thought it might do us the world of good to look forward to the Jenny Packham Spring 2016 collection. With a definite nod to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the collection is dreamy, romantic and glamorous. Well what else would you expect from a Jenny Packham gown? As one of my favourite bridal designers, I always look forward to the new Jenny Packham collection and it never disappoints. Known for creating effortless glamour, beautiful fabrics and flattering silhouettes, this is a feminine collection to make any bride the belle of the ball.

    So I have chosen my top six I hope you like them too.

    Jenny Packham Spring 2016 collection venetia love me love my wedding


    The beautiful soft lace Venetia with cap sleeves and a low v back. Effortless elegance.

    Jenny Packham Spring 2016 collection portia love me love my wedding


    Sheer panelled cap sleeves. a contrasting metallic belt and delicate patterned fabric makes Portia pretty as a picture.

    Jenny Packham Spring 2016 collection ophelia love my wedding


    A spectacular jewelled plunging neckline and softly draping gown,  the sleeveless Ophelia is a show stopper.

    Jenny Packham Spring 2016 collection luciana love me love my wedding


    Sleeveless clean, the only embellishment is the thin jewelled belt. Luciana is understated glamour at its best.

    Jenny Packham Spring 2016 collection lilya love me love my wedding


    From the unusual metallic shade, the barely there sleeves and fabulous cut. Lilya is breathtakingly sophisticated.

    Jenny Packham Spring 2016 collection hermia love me love my wedding


    Saving the best for last. The softly fitted gown with draping fishtail and gorgeous silver embellishment makes Hermia every inch the star of the collection. You’ll definitely make a splash wearing this beauty.

    Wowzers what a selection of stunners. You all know which is my favourite. Do you have one of your own? Would love to hear from you.

    Thanksgiving Wedding Inspiration

    As Thanksgiving is just around the corner I thought it would be a lovely idea to share some Thanksgiving wedding inspiration with you. These ideas will also suit an Autumn or winter wedding and there are a few festive touches too.

    Wedding Stationery

    Whether you opt for pine cones, autumn leaves, cranberries, pumpkins or a combination, your wedding stationery can set the tone for your day.

    thanksgiving wedding inspiration cranberry wedding stationery love me love my wedding

    Petite Alma

    Love this cranberry design by Petite Alma.

    thanksgiving wedding inspiration autumn leaf wedding stationery love me love my wedding

    thanksgiving wedding inspiration pumpkin stationery love me love my wedding

    Paper Lovely

    Keep the design clean but quirky with this design by Paper Lovely

    Wedding Accessories

    You don’t have to go the whole hog and wear a pumpkin wedding gown but you can add a little touch to tie the theme together.

    thanksgiving wedding inspiration garnet cranberry hair accessory love me love my wedding

    Love these cranberry inspired garnet and gold hair clips. Read more

    Wedding Planning – Themed Weddings

    Whilst we can all enjoy a highly traditional wedding with the bride in white and the groom in top hat and tails, there is definitely more than one way to get married. And the rise of themed weddings in particular has been grabbing headlines across the internet recently.   Whether it’s just for fun, or providing a chance for the lucky couple to share a particularly poignant interest, a themed wedding is a great way to let you and your loved ones dress up like superheroes, play dazzling casino games, and even indulge in the most bittersweet of fairytales!

    Fairytale weddings

    As weddings are often the most dream-like day of our lives, it can be a great idea to ramp up the fantasy aspect by having a fairytale themed wedding.   Not only will it provide you with the perfect opportunity to dress up like Snow White, but you can have lots of fun accessorising with motifs such as magic mirrors, poisoned apples and other emblems straight out of one of Grimm’s Fairytales.

    themed weddings snow white themed wedding for love me love my wedding

    Las Vegas romance

    Whilst many couples may have been tempted to elope to Sin City for a quick wedding, the reality is that the cost can be prohibitive, and the chances are your relatives will never forgive you.   So a Las Vegas themed wedding can provide the perfect alternative. And this can be relatively easily done with some decadent cocktails, trashy American Pulp Fiction inspired fashions and burgers on the wedding menu. And if you wish to give it a 21st century twist, then Betway’s online casino can provide the perfect entertainment by offering games ranging from roulette to slots that can deliver all of the Vegas excitement without the jetlag!

    themed weddings vegas themed wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Superhero weddings

    With the rise of Marvel comic book characters dominating our movies screens, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen the steady growth of superhero characters appearing at weddings too. Although seeing your loved one dressed up as Batman may not instantly seem like the most romantic of ideas, it will undoubtedly help ease your wedding day nerves!   And of course, with such a decision it’s always important to consider all of the wedding guests, in particular be sure to consult the groom’s mother as to whether she really wants to dress up as Wonder Woman?

    themed weddings superhero themed wedding for love me love my wedding

    Hollywood weddings

    Films in general have provided the inspiration behind many themed weddings, with many romantic blockbusters providing a great narrative for your wedding day. Of course, romance doesn’t have to be the central theme, as success has also been found in Back To The Future themed weddings, and James Bond and Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale could also provide another exciting and glamorous duo for your wedding inspiration.

    themed weddings james bond themed wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    themed weddings hollywood themed wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

    Many couples grow up from a young age with a picture of their perfect wedding in mind. You often find that reality is not always quite as easy as the imaginary, but with a bit of searching you can find the perfect wedding venue, and make sure that you have a truly memorable day.

    Sea View Weddings

    You may have always dreamed of a beach wedding. That may be a bit more realistic in Australia than it would be in, say Cornwall.  There are many beach wedding venues in Melbourne; at Brighton Savoy they offer not only high quality indoor facilities, but you can also hire the outside terrace for a wedding with a sea view. However, even here, and even more so in the UK, you do also need to have a contingency plan in case you do not get the weather that you hope for, so combining both a terrace and an indoor venue would be a good idea.

    choosing the perfect wedding venue brightonsavoy melbourne wedding breakfast for love me love my wedding

    choosing the perfect wedding venue bride groom cliff cornwall for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography 

    Work Out the Logistics

     You need to keep in mind that when you plan your wedding, people are going to be travelling from all over, so the ease of getting to the venue is very important. Having the option of having your wedding in a hotel also gives your guest the option to stay over for the night, meaning transport is not as important a detail.

    choosing the perfect wedding venue goldsborough hall bride honeymoon suite for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography  Read more

    Wedding Photography – Things to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

    Planning a wedding can be a very long process, and it is important to make sure that you spend a good amount of time to get the best photographer for your wedding. Looking at the portfolio is a good start in finding a good photographer, but you also want to make sure that you ask them the right questions as well. Any good photographer will be just as happy to talk about their work, as well as their pictures. Australia has always been at the cutting edge of wedding photography so let’s get an Aussie perspective on choosing your wedding photographer.

    things to ask before hiring a wedding photographer  bride groom car sunshine for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    A World of Choice

    When you look for professional wedding photographers, Brisbane, as well as most other towns and cities, have an abundance of people offering their services. It can take quite some time to contact all of the local photographers, but you can work through all the websites that you find, and ask some initial questions before going into too much detail. It is also a good idea to make sure that the photographer is local to the area of the wedding, rather than where you live. The first line of enquiry should be something along the lines of;

     Are you free on the date of the wedding?

    What are your standard charges?

    things to ask before hiring a wedding photographer  running jumping bridal party for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    These questions are all you need to do in the first instance as you can make an initial judgement on the pictures used on the website. You may find a Brisbane portrait photography studio responding to your enquiry, but you will need to make sure they have plenty of experience at weddings, which is usually a less controlled environment compared to back in their studio. Collate all of the information together, and then try to narrow down your list to around eight photographers that are within your budget, you like the pictures that you have seen, and they are available on your requested date.

    things to ask before hiring a wedding photographer  joking bride groom balloons for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Go Into Detail

    When you speak to the photographers, you will need to ask them about their experience with weddings, and ask them about the funny stories they have, as most photographers have a few stories to tell. Then go into some more detail with them with their experience such as:

     Have they taken pictures at your venue before, if so do they have any examples?

    What sort of poses would they suggest?

    What sort of timeframe is needed to complete the group shots?

    What would be your plan for bad weather?

    What back-up plans would you suggest?

    How do you get the best out of your subjects?

    Are you okay dealing with children?

    things to ask before hiring a wedding photographer emotional groom wedding ceremony for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    By asking these and also similar questions, you will be able to gauge each photographer on their experience, as well as to see a little bit into their creative side. One way to delve into their creative side is to come up with a ridiculous theme for your wedding, just to gauge their response. Putting them on the spot is a good way to see what imagination they have.

    Joking aside, you will need to tell them in detail what it is that you are looking for, but it is also important to go in with an open mind. What you think would be brilliant for your wedding, might not be so good from a professionals point of view. Also be prepared to listen to what they suggest, but do not feel pressured to adhere to what they say. It will take a bit of time, but you will be able to work through your list of photographers, and find the perfect one for your upcoming wedding.

    things to ask before hiring a wedding photographer sitting bride bridesmaids for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

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