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  • Wedding Plans – How Much Is Mum Involved?

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Plans   How Much Is Mum Involved?

    Today’s blog post is a tricky one.  You are planning your wedding, it’s a big day for you and your partner but it’s also the day your mum’s little girl is symbolically growing up and have you thought about how you are going to have her involved in the planing process without actually taking over the whole operation?

    Now for some of you, a mum that is happy to  take over the planning of your day is a Godsend-I’ve had brides who have basically sat back and let mums take over and loved it. Others want to micro manage their own day without outside interference and resent mum’s involvement so what do you do?

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Plans   How Much Is Mum Involved?

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    Marriage – The Six Essentials of Monumental Marriages

    You’re newly married or considering an engagement.  However, you’re worried over the fact that some marriages fail.  How can you be sure yours will last a lifetime?  Consider if the relationship is comprised of the following sentiments, the foundations that make monumental marriages. Today we have a guest post from Marie McCormack, a happily married mother. When she has the time, she loves to blog about love and life. You can find her uplifting and helpful articles on family, love and relationship websites. Follow The Circle on Google+. Today she is giving her top tips for a long and happy marriage…..


    Saying “I do” is easy, yet marriage symbolises lasting understanding and commitment.  It’s easy to be in a relationship when things are going well.  Yet, strong ties survive a number of challenges and periods of doubt.

    When relations sour, we may think of a way out or eventual alternatives, yet those committed realize bonds are stronger than immediate turmoil.

    %Wedding IdeasMarriage   The Six Essentials of Monumental Marriages


    People desire their ‘other half’ to feel complete.  Rather than explain everything, someone will understand them on a deep, personal level.  Levels of communication improve as time passes and intimacy deepens, yet those having trouble communicating reserve sessions with counselors or get psychic readings to help facilitate better relations.

    Those in a monumental marriage know what the other is feeling and how to proceed and communicate appropriately.  However, it’s not a guessing game; healthy couples discuss feelings openly.

    %Wedding IdeasMarriage   The Six Essentials of Monumental Marriages


    By nature, humans are ‘selfish.’  We do what’s best for us (abiding morals and law).  However, those in relationships are also selfless, putting the concerns of mates before their own.  Nurturing one’s independence and tending to one’s likes is important, but monumental mates think for two.

    Some are better at expressing love and affection than others, but reciprocity is essential, with both partners going out of their way for the other.

      %Wedding IdeasMarriage   The Six Essentials of Monumental Marriages

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    Chair Covers – Chair Style With a Difference

    %Wedding IdeasChair Covers   Chair Style With a Difference

    OK. Now I love a pretty wedding but I’ve not always understood the need for chair covers. Maybe it’s just me-but what is actually so wrong with a chair that we have to cover it up, as if we are ashamed of it’s form and appearance? But then I got involved in styled shoots, got sent lots of wedding loveliness and was forced to eat a large slice of humble pie.

    Take a look at this wedding breakfast room set up with and without chair covers just to see what a difference it makes.

      %Wedding IdeasChair Covers   Chair Style With a Difference

    %Wedding IdeasChair Covers   Chair Style With a Difference

    Now I am still of the view that some venues do not need this. Some venues have fabulous chars that it would be criminal to cover and some just need a little enhancement to bring out their natural fabulousness but some…well they definitely need to disguise their very plain exterior! Today I have a few ideas to share with you that will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own big day, ideas that go beyond the white chair cover, contrasting sash look that is so popular.

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    Wedding Favours – Sweet Treats for Everyone

    Choosing wedding favours can be a thorny issue. Do you want to bother at all? Is this the thing that is first to go when trimming that budget? Are you creative enough to make something yourself to add that personal touch? Will you be scouring the length and breadth of the country to find the favour that will fit in perfectly with your colour scheme or wedding theme.

    Will guests even notice your hardwork and creativity? I have been to many weddings where couples have spent time, money and effort creating thoughtful wedding favours but guests leave them on the table after the wedding breakfast is over and sometimes they are cleared away by the venue-argh-the waste!

    However, I have also been to weddings where thoughtful favours have been the talk of a wedding. Homemade jams with personalised labels, tiny pewter buckets filled with childhood favourite sweets or beautiful teeny tiny individual floral arrangements.

    By far the most popular types of favour are those you can eat or drink.Who can resist an extra sweet treat or a sneaky free tipple?

    So today we’ve got our top five favourite edible favours. Personalised, thoughtful and unique gifts as well as being bang on budget.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone

    Having an Easter wedding? Why not pinch Victoria and Ste’s idea and personalise plain eggcups with your guests initials or names.

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone

    Love Louise & Will’s mini galvanised buckets-customised and filled with retro sweets

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone

     I love this mini bottles-fill them with your favourite booze for an individual gift

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone

    Circus bright paper bags with personalised tags can be filled with just about anything-why not look at chocolate hearts or lollipops from Wedding Favours for a favour that ties in perfectly with your colour scheme?

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone

    How perfect are these? Love Jo & Simon’s cocktail shaped cookies-yum!

    Well I hope this gives you some great ideas for your own wedding. If you have some great alternatives to traditional wedding favours please share. It’s your blog so get involved %Wedding IdeasWedding Favours   Sweet Treats for Everyone

    Wedding Rings – Choosing Your Perfect Ring

    So what are the latest wedding ring trends? What sort of style will you go for? What type of metal would you pick? Decisions, decisions. Well at Perfect Ring, their experts are on hand to guide you through the different choices…. 

      %Wedding IdeasWedding Rings   Choosing Your Perfect Ring

    %Wedding IdeasWedding Rings   Choosing Your Perfect Ring