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    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays

    Flowers and floral arrangements can do so much to add romance, intrigue and drama to a wedding venue, it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to singing their myriad virtues.

    Planning something suitably attention-grabbing and unique, though, can also be a bit of a nightmare. Taste in flowers is so subjective. Different blooms have so many personal and historical affiliations for all of us. Trying to come up with something both new and beautiful can feel a bit…well, like being unable to see the woods for the trees, as it were. And that’s before we even get to discussing how expensive those intricate pre-bought arrangements can add to those rapidly spiralling big day expenses!

    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays bridal bouquet for love me love my wedding

    Image by Rachel Joyce Photography

    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays

    So, with all that in mind, here are six 6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays. These are quick examples intended as a jumping-off point for general inspiration. Each of the ideas below should help prove that it’s well within almost everyone’s budget – and, moreover, their imagination – to put flowers and greenery firmly at the heart of any décor scheme, while still creating a memorably bold, beautiful and highly original look.

    Hanging gardens

    One of the biggest logistical headaches you’ll face when dreaming up stunning-yet-cost-effective floral displays is figuring out exactly where to put them. Gathering friends and family in one finite space with enough room for eating, drinking, speeches and dancing is already hard enough without making things feel cramped. So where to put those beautiful, cascading arrangements you had your heart set on? One cunning solution is to (quite literally) turn the whole idea on its head.

    Hang your floral displays down from above: attaching individual bouquets or entire planted beds (provided you’ve checked the weight limits!) over tables or dancefloors. This  gives a wonderfully unique feel to most spaces, and goes a long way to cheering up those typically bland marquee ceilings without having to spend a packet on fancy chandeliers.

    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays hanging floral arrangemetn

    Flower floats

    Another gorgeously eye-catching answer to the eternal ‘where to put them?’ florals question: create water-filled floating arrangements in highly visible but lower traffic areas. This keeps your table-tops, gangways and service areas free of clutter. Think along the lines of a more grandiose version of the classic bubble wrap table centrepiece, but blown up to XXL size. Place them artfully around the periphery. They’ll do wonders for brightening up the corners of any large tent or hall. On a more epic scale, if your venue allows for it, it’s also a fabulous way to make fuller use of any fountains or pools in the vicinity.

    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays floating aisle flowers

    Get fruity

    Flowers are an evergreen (pun intended) wedding favourite for countless good reasons. However,it’s often a great idea to enhance the impact of purely floral displays with some bold geometric variety. Adding in a few well-placed trailing fruit fronds is a wonderful way to add drama by spicing up the soft delicacy of any flower-based table centrepiece, wall covering or hanging arrangement. Convincing artificial varieties are probably the way to go here. They won’t brown over the course of a day or add excessive weight to existing bowls, displays and trellis setups.

    Something like a rambling grape or olive vine dotted with glinting berries offers a quick, uncomplicated way to introduce bolder lines, rich colour contrast and a sunny Mediterranean vibe to your displays. To achieve more of a tropical paradise effect, you could even go for the full cornucopia of exotic star fruit, pineapple and mango, which will really lend some pop to your colour scheme.

    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays fruit bouqet

    Screen it off

    As anyone who kept half an eye on the Kimye nuptials back in 2014 will doubtless have spotted, a vertical wall or screen packed entirely with petals and blooms makes for a stunning backdrop or room divider. What’s more, it’s also a smart way to put flower arrangements to practical use – even if it’s just to help separate out areas of an open-plan space for different wedding-day activities. It can also provide a picturesque backing for photoshoots. If your budget won’t quite stretch to an entire wall of lush bouquets, you can go for a more sparse and relaxed – but still beautiful – pared-down effect.

    Opt for individually taped or pinned stems scattered across a less densely packed wall, perhaps with a backing of brightly coloured paper or soft, billowy fabric.

     floral room divider

    Branch out

    One guaranteed way to make a dramatic statement is to bring the outdoors in. The effect is seldom more spectacular than when trees take over an indoor space. Ok, so this one isn’t necessarily the cheapest or most straightforward option when it comes to setting up a room on a budget, but it needn’t be excessive. It certainly creates quite the ambience when done right. In fact, we’d advise not trying to be too ambitious with fully foresting your venue. Somewhat counterintuitively, doing so can often detract from the overall impact. It’s generally far better to go with just one or two tall, slim-trunked specimens placed centrally with plenty of lush green foliage.

    If it’s a winter wedding, plenty of dramatic minimalist branches can lend a hint of that ‘secret garden’ vibe to any open-plan indoor space. Of course, they’re also great for adorning with further wow-factor flourishes such as fairy lights, photos, handmade craft decorations and more.

    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays Carolines cake company cherry blossom cake ainscow hotel for love me love my wedding

    Image by mcAvoy Photography

    Garland it up

    It always pays dividends to think outside the box (or planter, or vase) when it comes to arranging your wedding florals. Take a good look at the structures of space itself, as well as the items in and around it. Are you missing any easy opportunities to add in a beautiful bit of greenery that perhaps weren’t quite so obvious at first glance? Traditional bloom garlands can quickly get expensive once the size starts increasing much beyond a modest table centrepiece.

    Remember that leaves, branches and fronds can have just as stunning an impact at a fraction of the cost. They’re often a far more suitable choice for disguising marquee support poles, decorating hired vehicles, stretching the length of tables as gorgeous runners underneath bowls and serving dishes, or even just adorning the edges of noticeboards, archways and other fixed displays.

    6 unusual, affordable ways to make stunning wedding flower displays Butterfly wedding inspiration chair garland for love me love my wedding

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