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    7 Ominous Wedding Superstitions and Their Origins

    In order to ensure every minute of their wedding is perfect, the future bride and groom spend every waking hour planning the ceremony down to the finest details. However, there are some things you cannot plan for. For one, you can hardly predict what the weather will be like when you are booking that luxurious outdoor venue.

    However, there is another thing nearlyweds fear even more than bad weather, and that’s superstition. Just like traditions, there are many wedding superstitions passed on through generations. While some dismiss them as relics of past times, others go out of their way to find something borrowed and something blue.

    Wedding superstitions range from those related to wedding jewellery. Others to what you should or shouldn’t gift the newlyweds. There are also rules they should follow before and after the wedding. In this article, we list 7 Ominous Wedding Superstitions and Their Origins

    Your Wedding Ring Shouldn’t Be Too Loose or Tight

    Just like in the old tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the wedding ring should be perfect. If the wedding ring is too loose, that could result in the couple breaking up. Similarly, a ring that is too tight is often related to jealousy and restrictions someone in the relationship imposes onto the other.

    If you are afraid of this superstition coming true, the best way to make sure the wedding ring is a perfect fit is to try on the rings at a dealership before the big day. Companies like Leo Hamel Fine Jewellery and Engagement Ring Store in San Diego offer a wide range of unique wedding rings, and one of them is bound to be a perfect fit.

    7 Ominous Wedding Superstitions and Their Origins

    gold wedding rings on the pincushion

    Something Old, Something New…

    Probably the most well-known wedding superstition involves the old English rhyme ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’. But do you know what it means? Each of these items represents something and the bride has to wear one charm related to each.

    ‘Something old’ means that the bride has to wear something that symbolises her old life. The phrase ‘Something new’ stands for the happy future the couple is going to have. Also, ‘Something borrowed’ usually involves borrowing something from a happily married couple so that the newlyweds can get some of their good luck. Finally, ‘something blue’ stands for fidelity.

    7 Ominous Wedding Superstitions and Their Origins something blue garter

    Watch Who You Borrow Your Wedding Jewellery From

    In line with the previous entry, some brides are very mindful of who they borrow their wedding jewellery from. While most borrow the accessories they are going to wear on their wedding day from friends and family, superstitious brides warn that you should only borrow jewellery from someone in an established, happy marriage.

    Dropping The Ring is Dooming the Marriage

    A superstition dating back to folklore, dropping the ring during the ceremony is believed to be a bad omen. Moreover, this superstition also states that the one who dropped the ring will be the first in the couple to die! Morbid, isn’t it?

    On the other hand, if the ring drops on its own, the groom should put it back on. This will help drive off the evil spirits that caused the ring to drop in the first place.

    7 Ominous Wedding Superstitions and Their Origins 5 Interesting Wedding Jewellery Traditions, Beliefs & Superstitions

    Pearls Represent the Tears of the Bride

    There are different accounts involving this superstition. While some believe that the pearls represent the future tears of the bride, others indicate that the pearls will replace those tears and signify a happy marriage.

    7 Ominous Wedding Superstitions and Their Origins pearls

    Never Gift a Watch

    While many grooms enjoy receiving a vintage, mechanical watch, in many cultures doing so is a bad idea. A tradition originating in Europe states that a watch given as a gift to the couple signifies that the time is running out on their relationship. This likely has to do with the fact that timepieces signify the passing of time, which is never good for something that should last ‘until death does you part’.

    7 Ominous Wedding Superstitions and Their Origins watch

    You Shouldn’t See Each Other Before the Wedding

    We’ll wrap this article up with another well-known superstition saying that the bride and the groom shouldn’t see each other before the wedding because it brings bad luck. In fact, this superstition was born from the similar old tradition that the groom shouldn’t see the bride before the wedding. And the reason for that is so that he doesn’t change his mind.

    Somehow this tradition evolved into a superstition involving bad luck. In reality, lots of couples spend time before the wedding together. However, grooms should still try not to see the bride in her wedding dress. Not because of tradition or superstition, but because their first glimpse at their wife-to-be is something they cannot fake in the wedding photos!

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