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    Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring

    You’ve met the girl of your dreams. Check. You’ve decided that you want to marry her. Check. You’ve gotten the nerve up to ask her parents for permission to marry their little girl as tradition is big in their family. Now comes the hard part. Finding a ring that will show her she’s as special as she makes you feel. These tips will guide you through the process so you’ll pick a ring she’ll treasure for years to come.

    Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring

    Begin by establishing your ring budget. Keep in mind that the old spend two to three months’ salary on a ring is outdated and you should spend whatever you can realistically afford.

    • Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring I do
    • Figure out her ring style and size. This may be as easy as looking in her jewellery box and looking at other rings, or it may take more digging. Sometimes, you may need to delve deeper and ask her friends or her sisters. Maybe see if she’s got ideas of rings saved on like a Pinterest board. Check in the jewellery box again to bring one of her rings with you to the jeweller to guarantee you’ll get the right size. Try to pick one she doesn’t wear often so she won’t notice that it’s missing. Ringleaders offer a diverse and unique engagement rings collection. They can help you with the ring size and give tips on the right style.

    EEverything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring round fiance's back

    The 4 Cs

    • Pay attention to the 4 C’s when selecting a diamond. They play in to the quality of the diamond and the cost of the diamond. It’s possible to buy a slightly smaller carat weight but a higher quality cut diamond that shines brilliantly. Pay close attention to the clarity as well, You want to try and find one with very slight imperfections or slight imperfections as you can’t see them by the naked eye and it’s still affordable. Lastly, try to find a diamond in the F to H category on the colour scale as they are near colourless but mainly affordable.
    • Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring pear shaped diamond ring
    • Select a metal band. Does she prefer the classic yellow gold look or does she like the more modern look of white gold or platinum? In addition, platinum is sturdier than gold and is hypo-allergenic so it will work with various situations.
    • Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring pink diamond ring on hand
    • Pick out the ring setting and design. You have many options from a simple solitaire in a Tiffany setting to a halo setting with pave band and its encircling diamonds.

      Everything Men Need To Know About Buying an Engagement Ring JamesAllenPlatinumpavetensionsetting

      Custom Designed Rings

    • Consider custom design as it allows you to select all of her favourites. It also ensures you pick a ring that symbolise the special relationship that you and your significant other share. You’re not limited to pre-made rings, and you can opt to mix metals or add her birth stone along with some diamonds. Custom engagement rings also work better with your budget, as you can add which details are important to her and that’s it.
    • why buy an antique engagement ring rose gold ring

    Read more

    Wedding Makeup Winter Makeup Tips

    So this time of year plays havoc with our skin. Central heating, wind, rain and cold. Urgh, our poor skin needs a lot of extra TLC to keep it in tip top condition. If you are planning a winter wedding, it is especially important to take care of your face and know which makeup styles suit this time of year.,

    So we have some top wedding makeup winter makeup tips from London College of Fashion trained Hair and Makeup Artist, Susie Boyland. Susie is a London College of Fashion trained Makeup and Hair Artist

    She loves working one-on-one with each of her brides to help them find a wedding day makeup look that’s beautifully true to them.

    Wedding Makeup Winter Makeup Tips bride in fur coat for love me love my wedding

    As we have already said, our skin can take a real battering over the winter months. Coming in from the cold to a centrally heated house, office or shop can cause your skin to panic. Your makeup needs a great canvas to work on, so as the temperatures drop you need to take extra care of your skin, especially if you’re getting married this winter. Here’s our tips on remaining radiant and glowing:

    Use a gentle exfoliator as part of your beauty routine twice a week. If your skin is becoming sensitive or red, reduce the use to just once a week.

    Use a 50 pence piece sized dollop and smooth gently over your face. Let the particles touch your face gradually. Gently massage into the face, slowly and carefully, and let the scrub do its job. Go for an exfoliator that doesn’t have harsh looking beads in it. Try not to scrub away at your skin in short bursts; this will only cause damage and irritation.

    Wedding Makeup Winter Makeup Tips woman exfoliator for love me love my weddng

    Moisturize your skin inside and out. Drink lots of water and moisturise your face daily. Opt for a simple water-based moisturiser as this will nourish dry areas, or go for a natural product such as It’s All About the Face Hydrating Face Cream by Pureza Beauty.  

    Lips can really suffer over the colder months, often becoming chapped and flaky. Use a soft, moist toothbrush to gently exfoliate  any dead skin away in in circular motions. Apply a good layer of lip balm to protect and moisturise them every day.

      Wedding Makeup Winter Makeup Tips natural lips for love me love my weddng When it comes to winter bridal makeup, keep it classic and bold. The aim for this look is to be well presented rather than over the top. Think Jennifer Aniston rather than Kim Kardashian! Start with a great foundation designed for a long day like Estee Lauder Doublewear; this will give your skin a flawless base from which to build on. 

    Wedding Makeup Winter Makeup Tips natural bridal makeup look for love me love my weddng Well groomed eyebrows and highlighted bone structure is the key to framing your face for a chic and sophisticated natural look. Use a powder shadow, like MAC’s Shroom, to add a subtle shimmer underneath your eyebrows, the cupids bow of the lip and along the tops of your cheek bones. Remember the key is a natural sleek look -it is easy to end up looking like a painted clown, so build the look up gradually and step back and look carefully between each step.

      Wedding Makeup Winter Makeup Tips brude lace edged veil for love me love my weddng

    Make your eyes the focus of your radiant snow queen look. Create an elegant smoky eye using golds, bronzes and browns with an eye shadow palette like Urban Decay Naked. Keep both your cheek and lip colours similar shades to your natural colourings. A pop of blusher on the apples of your cheeks and a touch of tint or balm to the lips adds a subtle amount of sheen without looking too overdone.

    So there you have it. Look after your skin and keep it subtle ladies 🙂

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    Engagement Rings -Tips to Selecting Fancy Cut Diamonds

    So it’s time to buy an engagement ring. You want a diamond ring but that is as far as you’ve got in making your choice. It can be a minefield. There are a huge variety of styles, cut, settings to choose from, as well as quality of the diamond itself.

    For a novice, choosing is quite a task so today we have enlisted the help of diamond experts Beyond 4 cs, named after the 4 main characteristics to consider when choosing a diamond. Cut, clarity, colour and carat. Today we are not looking at all of the 4 Cs, but concentrating on the wealth of diamond cut shapes on the market.

    Engagement Rings -Tips to Selecting Fancy Cut Diamonds

    As you can see from the table below there are LOADS of different diamond cuts and each has their own characteristics to love and look out for.

    different types of diamond shapes available

    Traditionally, the round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape due to its versatility and excellent light properties. In more recent times, a larger and more affluent consumer base has fueled the demand for diversity in jewellery choices. As a result, the market had seen a steady introduction of new cuts and a revival of vintage designs. Read more

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    Key things to consider when choosing a pocket square as a groom

    The pocket square is a timeless classic and an absolute essential for any groom. However, do you know what to look for when choosing one for that big day? Do you know what to definitely avoid? Here are 6 key things to consider when choosing a pocket square as a groom

    Stand out from the Crowd

    Often you’ll find that the best man and ushers will be wearing very similar attire to the groom. They will often all have matching pocket squares. Traditionally, this has been chosen based on matching with the selected tie or the particular colour theme of the wedding. As the groom and friends tend to hire their suits together from the same place, they often end up with a very unoriginal flat colour that offers very little extra.

    Rampley & Co specialise in bringing that extra little touch to an outfit on the very biggest of occasions. They offer stunning patterns and original designs including works of art from some of the finest art galleries in the world. Their co-founder Elliott Rampley has given his key things to look out for when planning pocket square perfection!

    6 key things to consider when choosing a pocket square as a groom art


    6 key things to consider when choosing a pocket square as a groom yellow

    6 key things to consider when choosing a pocket square as a groom

    1. Matching pocket square to suit colour

     When choosing a pocket square you ideally want to provide some contrast to your jacket colour. For an absolutely safe choice you can never go wrong with a white pocket square. However the point of the pocket square is to add a little bit of colour and finesse to a jacket. Ideally some sort of subtle pattern on a white pocket square will provide a nice contrast. Or you could go for a flat colour for a little more flair.

    6 key things to consider when choosing a pocket square as a groom yellow closeup

    1. What material should you choose?

    This will definitely depend on the theme of the wedding and especially how formal it is but there are a few options to be considered here. The head would always say you should absolutely go with silk.  It would definitely be a reliable and safe option, as well as give the premium feel you’re most likely going to be looking for. The level of detail you can achieve when printing on silk is exceptional and many of the pieces of fine art we’ve used on our squares in past years would only work on this type of material.

    There are alternatives. A nice wool-silk blend to add a little texture. Often formal wedding attire can appear a little flat and so adding some texture will give you a point of difference and a blend like this will also give the premium feel you want. The second option would be to go for a high quality linen pocket square, a great option for a slightly more casual style and perfect if you’ve made the decision to stay away from wearing a tie, perhaps because you’re in a warmer climate. Read more

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    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings

    The wedding ring is a symbol of love, trust. Commitment, togetherness and loyalty. It is not just a beautiful accessory that has to be worn temporarily; it is a ring that has to be worn all through the life, to cherish and celebrate the beautiful ceremony of marriage. A marriage brings together two souls, two minds and two bodies. The wedding ring is the one of the very first things that helps two individuals to come together forever. Since a wedding ring is an item to be treasured for life, in this particular article we will look at some of the features of a ring that would help you decide on your wedding ring.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings gold rings inside each other

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings

    • Who should choose the wedding ring?

    Sometimes, men like to choose the ring themselves. It is good to keep the surprise in place, but mostly women prefer to choose their own ring. The advantage of letting the woman choose her ring is that she can have exactly what she wants. She is the one who is going to wear it daily, so it is good to let her choose her own ring. Her choice of colour, metal and the shape and style of diamond. The disadvantage of letting her choose could be a straight drift from the budget of the wedding ring. According to statistical reports, in 60 percentage of cases, women choose their own ring.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings gold rings inside each other gold ring on dictionary

    • Features of a perfect wedding ring:

    The look of the ring is very important as it helps in creating the first impact. If your partner likes the ring then the rest of the steps in the wedding ceremony can be easily dealt with. However, while choosing the most beautiful ring, it is important to understand that this piece of accessory is not for rare use, instead, it is a piece of metal that has to be used every day. Hence, two things have to be kept in mind, the comfort and the maintenance. The ring should not hurt the finger or the skin. And the ring should be able to be maintained easily and kept free from dirt and destruction.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings beyonce engagement ring for love me love my wedding

    • Types of rings :

    One can choose from the vast collection of the most elegant selection of diamond wedding rings in Brisbane. The wedding ring could be made up of gold, white, gold, platinum or any other choice of metal. There could be a single solid diamond in the centre or multiple pieces of diamonds set all over the ring. Some people like simple rings with a single stone, some other go for heavily studded diamond rings.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings uncut diamond wedding ring for love me love my weddng

    There are ample options of customising the wedding ring in the market these days. The shape and size of the diamonds could be made to vary in the ring setting. Few women prefer not to choose the contemporary round shaped stones and go for square shaped diamonds. Go out and choose the best wedding ring for your special day.

    Choose the Perfect Wedding Ring with the Perfect Settings princess cut diamond for love me love my wedding

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