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    Wedding Entertainment – Five Reasons To Hire Your Through An Agency

    So why should you hire your wedding entertainment through an agency?

    5 reasons to hire your wedding entertainment through an agency for love me love my wedding

    There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding. Even the most simple of weddings would require you to plan for the items you need to buy, the suppliers you need to book, the people you would invite, and a whole lot more. Doing this takes a lot work and most importantly, time.

    When it comes to hiring your wedding entertainment, you can do it on your own and spend countless hours searching for the right wedding band. Alternatively you could work with a professional and reliable entertainment agency. They can handle everything entertainment-related on your special day.

    Essentially, entertainment agencies do all the hard work so you don’t have to. You won’t have to search for bands on Google. You won’t have to drive all the way to see them perform (only to find out they’re no good). Someone else can negotiate the rate and deal with any nasty surprises. Still not convinced?

    Here are more reasons to hire your wedding entertainment through an agency.

      1.        You don’t have to worry about quality.

    Entertainment agencies only work with a pool of quality musicians to ensure that every single event they handle becomes a perfect experience for their clients. They offer a great variety of musicians.  Choose from classical artists to party bands. These agencies have people who find the best performers, musicians, and entertainers around.

    It is also important to note that the best musicians also choose to be represented by entertainment agencies to manage their bookings properly.

    Here’s a quick look at a performance of MuzoMatic, a wedding band in Glasgow connected to premiere live agency Music for Scotland.

    Professional entertainment agencies have vast knowledge in the industry. If you have questions regarding a certain band or act, they can easily provide you with answers. They also have years of experience in dealing with any issues that may arise.

      2.        You’re insured against unexpected circumstances.

    Despite the preparation, nasty surprises do happen. What if the band’s guitarist suddenly fell ill? What if the band suddenly pulls out days before your wedding? Circumstances like these may just unleash your inner bridezilla.

    With entertainment agencies, you’re sure these unforeseeable events won’t ruin your special day. If a member can’t make it, they automatically send backup or a replacement to ensure your special day still goes on smoothly.

    Wedding entertainment dancing for Love Me love my wedding

      3.        You get to save time.

    Time – a very precious thing engaged couples can’t get enough of. When you search for wedding entertainment on your own, you usually come across a hundred options. Wading through these results is very frustrating and time-consuming.

    Booking your band through a music agency can help you save time and focus on other important elements of the wedding.

    You can leave all the worries to people with more knowledge and experience. This will spare you from unnecessary headaches.

    Wedding entertainment Saturns for love me love my wedding


      4.        You’ll know where every penny goes.

    You can’t really tell how individual bands and musicians charge for their services. Usually, the variables involved includes the number of musicians, the equipment, set length, and travel time.

    Entertainment companies can quote exactly how much a certain band or act charges. They can even break down the expenses. With professional agencies, you can be sure you aren’t hit with unexpected fees. They can also give you suggestions suitable for your budget and theme, potentially helping you save money.

    Wedding entertainment forst dance for Love me Love My wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

      5.        You can customise your wedding entertainment.

    Anything is possible when you book your entertainment through an agency. You can customise your experience beyond the usual genres or band style.

    A dedicated agency supports couples with whatever theme, idea, or concept they have to suit their needs entirely. Clients are free to suggest a change in wardrobe, instrument, staging and style.

    Professional entertainment agencies can offer you a great performance, save you time, grant you freedom to customise, and give you peace of mind. Make a choice that makes sense to you.

    Wedding entertainment white doves for love me love my wedding

    White Doves

    Wedding Accessories – Advice, Ideas and Tips from Rosie Willett Designs

    Today we are all about the glamour and sparkle courtesy of Rosie Willett Designs. After being battered by hail stone and wind causing me to abandon any chance of even walking down my drive, I could do with an injection of beauty and serenity. Rosie is the designer and creator of fabulous wedding tiaras, headpieces and wedding combs.I just love her designs, so i was delighted to be able to interview her for the blog to gain an insight into the woman behind Rosie Willett Designs.

    1         Why did you start your business?

    I designed a small collection of hair accessories during my time at university and it was suggested that they might appeal to brides.  I researched the market and found that, at the time,  most headwear available to brides was mass produced and very traditional in style.  I thought it was a shame that there was such limited choice and felt that I could offer something that was more stylish, special and better quality.  All of my headpieces are individually handmade in the finest quality materials, including Swarovski crystal, silk and French lace.

    Rosie Willett Designs Georgia wedding hair vine for Danny Jones wedding Love me Love My Wedding

    Georgia wedding vine Danny Jones wedding

    2         How would you describe your head dress style?

    Rosie Willett Designs caters for a variety of tastes and we believe that we can offer something to suit every bride.  Our styles include vintage jewelled side tiaras, bohemian forehead bands, delicate hair vines, pretty combs, classic tiaras and romantic floral headpieces.  Brides choose our headpieces because they are stylish and well made.

    3         What are your 5 favourite designs?

    My personal favourites tend to be the vintage and bohemian styles.  I love the delicate Georgia and Dawn hair vines, which can be worn on the forehead or further back in the hair.  Willow is a beautiful vintage style comb and Anna is a romantic floral side tiara with delicate strands of crystal and pearl that sweep across the top of the head.  Laurel is a classic yet fashionable tiara that was inspired by Lady Mary’s tiara on Downton Abbey.

    Rosie Willett Designs Laurel Wedding tiara for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Laurel Wedding tiara

    Read more

    Men’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

    So I know sometimes the girl gets to choose her own engagement ring and that is perfectly fine but where’s the romance in that?  I’m an old fashioned (and quite frankly lazy) kind of gal, so I’d much rather have a surprise-as long as my fella has taken the time to know what I like and puts a bit of thought into it. Not too much-I’m easily pleased. So for all you men out there who are wondering whether you will get it right or hopelessly wrong, here is a handy guide from Loyes Diamonds to help you along….

    guide to buying an engagement ring

    Wedding Transport – Ideas for Travelling in Style for Your Wedding

    So today I have a little post about wedding transportation to share with you. We are talking about not just how you will get to your wedding, but also airport transfers, guest transport, the whole kit and caboodle.

    wedding car

    Bride and bridesmaid transport

    So this is something that is probably on your list of things to sort out. Will you be going  traditional with a  classic wedding car? Are you going for modern luxury with a stretch limousine, or will you be opting for a romantic horse and carriage?

    A few things to consider:-

    How big is your dress and how big is the inside of your dream car? This needs to be checked. If you have a HUGE dress, the last thing you want is for it to be creased and crushed after being squeezed into a tiny back seat.

    If you are opting for an open top car or horse and carriage, does the roof come down quickly if the weather is not so hot? And if the roof does come down, will you be stooping for the entire duration of the journey?

    wedding horse and carriage

    You may want a horse and carriage but factor in the inordinate amount of extra time that jounrey will take. If there is some distance to travel, this option just isn’t practical. If you have set your heart on this, why not just start the journey in a car and transfer to the carriage nearer the wedding venue?

    Got lots of bridesmaids? Maybe a stretch limo is an option. One car-lots of room and an injection of glamour too.

    wedding stretch limousine

    Have you considered a limousine service? This could be a sneaky way of getting cheaper transport to your wedding. There are some fab services out there where you can prebook your limo for really reasonable prices. Just book online and you’ll get regular reassuring updates about your transportation.

    Groom and groomsmen

    Very often the men’s transport to a wedding is a bit of an afterthought. Taxis or family and friends usually bear the brunt of the responsibility, but why not make their journey special too? You could opt for a stretch limo aswell and then at least the bridesmaids and groomsmen have a way to get the wedding venue after the service, whilst the bride and groom hijack the other limo.

    wedding stretch limousine

    You can hire a classic sports car for the day or half day. What better way to arrive at your wedding than in a classic red Ferrari?


    Guest transportation

    Now usually guests can find their own way to your wedding, but if your venue is remote, or even a surprise, this is something to consider. Theree are some fab bus services, from limo buses to red London buses. If you are having a country themed wedding, why not see if you can hire tractors to transport guests?

    wedding bus

    Honeymoon transfers

    So you are off on your honeymoon and you were just going to get your usual mini cab service to take you. Sometimes this is perfectly fine, but now and again you will get the taxi that smells of body odour and pasties. Why not consider a limo airport transfer? I recently went to London and used the limo service of Blacklane  Limousine Service. It was so reasonable priced-not much more that a normal taxi, but I had a text message in the morning from my driver, introducing himself and advising me exactly where he would be parked. He was there ready for me, I slipped into cool leather seats and was driven to my hotel by a smartly dressed, friendly driver. Bliss. I’ve booked the same service for when I go to Italy next year to take me to and from the airport in Roma-again for 2 of us, not much more than an airport transfer but a hell of a lot nicer, quicker and a great start and end to a holiday.

    So there you have it. How will you be getting to and from your wedding? Would love to hear from you. Bye for now, Jenny.

    Bridesmaid Dresses – Finding the Perfect Style

    As well as thinking about your own dress – which is obviously the most important thing – you also need to think about the bridesmaids dresses. When there are so many colours, shapes, styles and sizes to go for, it can make shopping a bit of a headache. So we have put together a few steps for you to follow to make it a more fun and exciting experience. Choosing your best friends and relatives a dress can be such a difficult task as everyone is different sizes, has different hair colours and will suit different things.

    One of the more important things to remember is that you can’t leave the bridesmaid dresses until last, they will reflect the colour scheme and theme of your wedding, so you should sort the bridesmaid dresses in advance to help give you some direction as to what you want your wedding to be like.

    Read more

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