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    Wedding Fashion Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wedding

    If you are planning a winter wedding and are looking for ideas for bridesmaid dresses, you are in the right place. This year, there is plenty of choice of bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding, which makes it far easier to find exactly what you are looking for. The trend for people to get married all year round, rather than just in the summer months, means that designers are focusing more on producing autumn and winter bridesmaid dresses, than they did in the past.

    Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wedding

    Full-length dresses

    Maxi dresses look good on practically any figure, so they are a great option. The fact that they are full length helps too. If you get married in the winter, it can be cold, so longer dresses make a lot of sense, with the added benefit that they are also very glamorous.

    Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wedding long bridesmaid dresses

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Right now, there are plenty available in the shops. With the party season coming up the shops are filling up with long party dresses, some of which can be adapted slightly and used for your bridesmaids. If you are on a tight budget, they are an especially good option because you can easily pick out a nice one for under £100, sometimes under £50.

    Mid length

    However, not everyone likes a full-length dress. Some women feel self-conscious wearing something like that. In that situation, it is best to opt for a mid length dress instead. There are some lovely full-skirted examples available, which are special enough for a bridesmaid to wear.

    Bridesmaid Dresses for a Winter Wedding full skirt mid length

    Lightweight dresses

    The only issue is that many of the dresses that are available now are made from lightweight materials, which is not ideal in the cold weather. As a result, you are going to have to find a way to keep your bridesmaids warm enough. The last thing you want is for them to look blue with cold, in the wedding photos.

    Fortunately, there are some beautiful shawls and pashminas available, in the shops, this year. They come in a huge range of tones and colours, so it is easy to find one that works. Read more

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    Wedding Jewellery – 4 Reasons to Shop at Auction

    If you’re a novice to the auction scene, you’re probably wondering why you should make the detour from the high-street and log-in to a reputable online jewellery auction house. After all, surely you have everything you need right in front of you already on the retail market? The answer to this may surprise you. Here are four reasons to forgo the retail market and find your treasures at a Jewellery Auction.

    Wedding Jewellery - 4 Reasons to Shop at Auction

    Wedding Jewellery – 4 Reasons to Shop at Auction

    1. You can get more for your money

    Auctions are a great place to treat yourself or a loved one to a beautiful, timeless, genuine treasure without having to foot a hefty designer price tag. The jewellery sold at auction is usually fares much better than the jewellery sold on the high-street and like-for-like price comparisons, primarily due to the fact that auctions don’t have the same overheads as high-street jewellers. As such, the stones captured in pieces sold at auction tend to be considerably larger than those offered in similar priced pieces in retail shops.

    Wedding Jewellery - 5 Reasons to Shop at Auction vintage ruby engagement ring

    To increase your chances of grabbing a bargain at auction, read up on your stuff before you start to bid. Know what you’re looking for and what prices you ought to expect. It’s a good idea to inspect the pieces you’re interested in prior to bidding, but this isn’t possible with online auction houses; instead, look at the photographs available and request clearer pictures if necessary.

    1. What could be more romantic?

    Auction houses are becoming the ideal place to find beautiful engagement rings. Part of the allure of the auction is the fact that each piece on sale has a deep and real history ingrained within it. Antique jewellery pieces are more than 100 years old, and have accrued more than their fair share of character, romance, and history.

    Wedding Jewellery - 5 Reasons to Shop at Auction 1920s bride

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    1. You get more choice

    Although you can’t knock the average high-street jeweller for its style, sophistication and choice, everything on offer tends to be similar in taste in line with current fashions and trends. At auction, every piece is different, and has a different edge and flair depending on where and when it was made. Gems and designs featured may be rare and no longer readily available on the high-street, giving you the chance to own something truly unique and irresistible. These pieces have stood the test of time and are timeless and classic pieces of lovely, vintage jewellery.

    Wedding Jewellery - 5 Reasons to Shop at Auction christies

    1. There’s no pressure

    Many people find auctions intimidating, but there’s nothing quite as scary as a jewellery sales man in a high-end, high-street jewellery shop who’s hell-bent on making a sale. If you don’t want something at auction, the answer is simple – don’t bid on it. Should you change your mind on something or the price is going too high, you can pull out of the bidding once the price begins to surpass your allotted budget. However, if you do make a bid, there’s a chance that you may be expected to honour it, so make sure you only bid on pieces that you actually want!

    Wedding Jewellery - 5 Reasons to Shop at Auction diamond ring on hand

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    Wedding Planning Alternative Wedding Music Ideas

    Today we are tapping along to the beat with some alternative wedding music ideas. They come to us courtesy of Bands for Hire, who have a wealth of musical options and ideas to suit all tastes.

    alternative wedding music ideas

    Image by McAvoy Wedding Photography

    I’ll hand over to Adam who is is the know.

    Alternative Wedding Music Ideas

    You’ve pinned down your wedding venue and the date is set in stone, it’s now time to put on your wedding planner hat and get busy organising.

    When it comes to booking your daytime wedding music there are obvious choices that instantly come to mind. Whether that is a string quartet, harpist, jazz band or pianist, they all are fantastic options to go for and will certainly deliver the desired effect. However, perhaps you’re looking for something a little different on your wedding day. Something more memorable and unique that will get heads turning and guests talking.

    At Bands For Hire we work alongside some incredible instrumentalists that you may not have considered. Take a look at some of the ideas below and head over to our site to see what else we have on offer.


    A pannist is a great alternative to a solo harpist or classical guitarist. Ideal to create a warm and relaxing vibe during your wedding breakfast, or afternoon drinks reception.

    Not sure what a pannist is?

    Have a look and a listen below.

    Gypsy Jazz Band

    Rather than the usual piano based jazz band sound, a Gypsy Jazz band has a more laid back, informal jam vibe, ideal for rustic and festival style weddings.

    Sax quartet

    A string quartet is usually the go-to ensemble for the ceremony, but a sax quartet is equally as striking and will be sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.


    A solo sitarist is perfect for a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere, a real head turner at any wedding reception or breakfast.

    Country Band

    If country is your thing but you’re still looking to appeal to a wide audience, ‘Country Girls’ have put together the perfect repertoire of well known country songs, ideal for rustic barn weddings and more.

    So plenty of alternative music ideas there. Do you have a favourite? I definitely fancy a Gypsy Jazz band at the next party I have.

    Unusual Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

    unusual ways to display your wedding photos bride groom church for love me love my wedding

    So you’ve decided you are just getting your wedding images on a disc.You don’t want a formal wedding album that you think will just gather dust up in the loft, so what will you do with that disc? Are you going to leave it neglected in a drawer or are you planning on getting creative and displaying your

    Well today I have a few ideas on how you can use those digital images, so that they are not just left languishing on your laptop.

    Unusual Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

    Thankyou cards

    The most obvious way to utilise your favourite wedding image. It’s a lovely way of thanking your guests for their part in your big day using an image that is special to you.

    unusual ways to display your wedding photos bride groom laughing for love me love my wedding

    Read more

    Top Five Hen Party Activities

    Who has been to a hen party and thought that it could definitely be a little bit more fun and exciting? Maybe you thought it could have been more original? Most women have! It can be difficult to come up with ideas. So we thought we would help you out! Here are our top five hen party activities. Perfect for those bridesmaids and maids of honour to get some tips on what they could do for a hen party.

     Top Five Hen Party Activities

    Cocktail Making

    This is definitely a winner in our book! You will most likely be having cocktails anyway – so why not make them? It’s a great way to break the ice and have some fun, you will also be able to keep those recipes for future reference at your next cocktail party. You can act as if you are Tom Cruise in Cocktail and get things mixed up. Remember not to drink too many of your own concoctions though if you want to last the entire night.

      Top five hen party activities cocktails for love me love my wedding


    Don’t be fooled, bingo isn’t just for the older generation. It’s for young people too! There are all kinds of twists that you can put on it – in fact you can make your own bingo cards to match any kind of theme that you want. This is perfect, as you can personalise it to match the bride’s favourite things. Plus the prizes can be some saucy treats for the bride to be and her guests. If you want to check it out – you will be happy to know that the pgbingo editor contributed the idea of playing bingo – so it’s not just us!

    Top five hen party activities bachelorette bingo for love me love my wedding Top five hen party activities fluffy handcuffs for love me love my wedding

    A Spa Weekend

    Everyone can do with a little bit of rest and relaxation before a wedding, they can certainly be stressful. This will allow you to get some treatments like massages, manicures, pedicures, tan, eyelashes and essentially whatever else you want to make yourself beautiful for the big day. Spa’s also have sauna’s, hot tubs, pools – that are also perfect for you to have a gossip and chat about the upcoming nuptials with a glass of champagne or a cocktail. Some of the best spas have top notch restaurants too, so you can have some amazing food.

    Top five hen party activities spa weekend for love me love my wedding

     Hen Weekend

    You never know, it may be the last chance for a girls’ holiday so a weekend away to somewhere you have never been before may be just the thing. It doesn’t need to be anything too crazy, but a few days with some sun, sea and sand could be the perfect prep for a wedding. It’s the perfect excuse to get away. Everyone could work on their tan and get bronzed for the big day too. Of course there will be the obligatory glass of bubbly or cocktail to keep things going and all kind of exotic things to enjoy.

    Top five hen party activities hens beach cocktails for love me love my wedding

     Booze Cruise

     This is for those of you who like things a little bit wilder! You can make your way out to sea and enjoy all of the festivities with the wind in your hair. There could be butlers at your beck and call, champagne and cocktails on tap – and of course lots of music and dancing. Make sure you don’t get sea sick though. It is great for those of you who like the thought of one last hurrah before a wedding.

    Top five hen party activities foam party for love me love my wedding

    Well that’s our top 5 ideas folks, what do you think? You can have a cheeky cocktail, head out to sea, pamper yourself silly, or else you could even win some naughty prizes of bingo. We hope you all have fun planning a fabulous hen party.

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