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    Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Every year, reputable jewellery brands come up with all different engagement and wedding ring designs. Now, when it comes to shopping for that perfect engagement ring, there are so many facts to consider. While many people like to shop for engagement ring as a couple, some men want to woo their girlfriends with a surprise engagement ring as a token of their love.

    If your future wife is choosing it herself, half the job is done!  However, if you are planning to surprise her with a magnificent stone to pop the question, you need to get your hands on the most exquisite ring to make sure she says yes.  You should know by now that the engagement rings will be one of the most expensive purchases you are ever going to make, apart from a car or a house.  A big decision to make because this is going to be the purchase that lasts for a lifetime.

    Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

    Here is an infographic that reveals 20 interesting facts about choosing the perfect engagement ring for a happy new beginning. This infographic has been designed by Elena from americantungsten.com wedding bands shop

    Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring infographic

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    Different Makeup Styles for Weddings

    People tend to put a great deal of effort into everything regarding wedding preparations. Wedding fashion is often the most important part of the entire day. For lots of people, this doesn’t end with the wedding dress and the suits. The different makeup styles for weddings are just as important. People who add the right styles of makeup on their weddings are really going to get some excellent wedding photographs as a result, and they’re truly going to have a day to remember.

    Different Makeup Styles for Weddings bride with flowers

    Different Makeup Styles for Weddings

    Traditional Makeup Styles

    While most people aren’t going to want a return of the mid-twentieth century in other ways, the mid-twentieth century clothing styles and makeup styles have been making something of a comeback in recent years. These are styles that are going to allow people to look very classy and elegant without looking as if they are wearing too much makeup.

    Wearing some bright red lipstick, strong mascara, and smooth red blush is going to cause a lot of people to think about the 1950’s right away. Light blue eye shadow works well here as well. Thinning the eyebrows only adds to that effect, since natural eyebrows are ‘in’ these days, but heavily trained eyebrows were more popular in the past.

    Different Makeup Styles for Weddings Midland Hotel Morecambe rotunda bar bride for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Women in the 1950’s and 1960’s tended to put a lot of effort into their appearance, but they didn’t look as if they were wearing an extreme amount of makeup. The bright red lipstick and the bright eyes of 1950’s glamour can still work well in the context of a modern wedding. Some people might even decide to go back further in time for the same thing.

    Smoky Eyes

    Wearing some silvery eye shadow or darker eye shadow combined with heavy mascara can automatically make the eyes look really smoky. Combining these smoky eyes with nude lipstick or subtle foundation that evens out the complexion without adding any color can draw more attention to the eyes.

    wedding makeup

    For a lot of people, it’s the eye makeup that’s the most important. This is especially true for a wedding, where people are going to want to leave their lips free for the kissing part of the ceremony anyway. Smokey eyes can have a dramatic look without looking the least bit tawdry. They are classic in a way that is still very modern, and so a lot of people are going to prefer them for a fashionable modern wedding. People can find lots of great makeup styles at Makeupbyellia. Hiring a makeup artist on a wedding day can make all the difference in the world. Read more

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    Choosing His and Hers Wedding Rings

    It’s time to choose your wedding rings. Are you going to opt for matching his and hers matching rings? Do you prefer to have individual styles? Is your husband-to-be not bothering with a ring at all?

    Even after making this decision there are more to come. Do you want platinum, gold, titanium, or something else? Do you want contemporary or vintage? Would you like precious stones set into your ring? Will your wedding band match your engagement ring?

    Today I am bringing not advice, just ideas on choosing his and hers wedding rings, so that you can see just some of the options available to you.

    Choosing His and Hers Wedding Rings

    Matching wedding bands

    This can be a romantic gesture, especially if your rings are engraved or fit together in a special way.

    Choosing His and Hers Wedding Rings gold wedding bands

    Love this white gold set with the heart motif when placed together.

    Vintage wedding rings

    Choosing His and Hers Wedding Rings vintage wedding ring

    If you want something a bit different, that maybe has a back story and some history behind it, then a vintage wedding ring may be for you. There are lots of specialist stockists or you can shop in vintage shops or online stores such as Etsy.

    Contemporary wedding rings

    You could do ultra modern with a contemporary wedding ring. Some designs are like mini modern pieces of art and are sure to be a talking point wherever you show it off.

    Choosing His and Hers Wedding Rings contemporary wedding rings

    Love this angular design from Orro.co.uk.

    Or this super sleek platinum design. Read more

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    Planning Your Perfect Wedding without the Sky High Prices

    Sometimes the thought of all the expense associated with a wedding can be overwhelming. The engagement party, the new outfits and the cake can be extortionately expensive? Tying the knot has become an expensive business, but there are ways to cut the costs of your big day. Today we are showing you our guide on planning your perfect wedding without the sky high prices. Our guide will help you to save money and ensure you have the best day of your life.

    Planning your perfect wedding without the sky high price

    Say Yes to the (High St) Dress

    Can’t afford to blow the whole budget on a dress? Why not look at the high street for outfit options? Thanks to fashionable (and expensive looking labels) Self-Portrait, Free People, Asos and Needle & Thread, designers are being given a run for their money. If you are still determined to go designer – look out for once-worn Vera Wang and Amanda Wakeley gowns on  preloved.co.uk.

    Planning your perfect wedding without the sky high price vera wang gown

    Boys club

    Why should the girls have all the fun? Gents can also treat themselves to a whole new look without having to break the bank. Gant offer everything grooms could possible need on their big day – from classic suits to shirts in every colour.

    Planning your perfect wedding without the sky high price gant shirt Read more

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    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands

    So we have just had a post about choosing an engagement ring but what about wedding rings? Where did the tradition to exchange rings come from? What does it mean? How does it differ in different times and cultures? Today we are sharing a brief history of wedding bands, so some of these questions can be answered.

    Wedding rings are one of the most important and most universal parts of a marriage ceremony. This has been true across history as well. Marriage has changed a lot over the years, but wedding rings have been prominent for a long, long time.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands

    Ancient Times

    Some of the earliest known evidence for wedding rings comes from as long as 3,000 years ago. At this time, historians believe that the Ancient Egyptians were making wedding rings from materials such as reeds, help, and papyrus. These soon gave way to more durable materials such as bone and ivory. Later precious metals became common. At the same time, other ancient civilisations such as the Romans also started to adopt wedding rings.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands gold matching wedding rings Preview Changes

    Even as long ago as this, much of the symbolism associated with wedding rings would be recognisable to us today. The shape of the ring represented a love with no beginning and end, symbolising eternity. The hole was also seen as a symbol; a gateway into the couple’s new life of marriage.

    Through History

    Wedding rings have endured pretty consistently down the ages. In all the centuries between the Ancient Egyptians and the modern age, there have been relatively few major changes. Some times and places have given birth to their own little twists on the tradition. For example, in many parts of sixteenth century Europe, husbands-to-be would give their fiancees a “Gimmel” ring – two gold rings that interlocked. This would be both engagement and wedding rings; the couple would wear one ring each until they were married, after which the wife would wear both together.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands gimmel ring

    Another reasonably major change happened during the renaissance. This was when it became particularly fashionable to wear rings with an inscription, either a line of poetry or some declaration of love. Such rings had existed before, but the renaissance was when they caught on in a way that sees them remain popular to this day.

    The Modern Age

    For a long time, wedding rings had been traditionally a plain band, or else a band with nothing more than an inscription. It was in the Victorian era that more ornate wedding rings with jewels and more elaborate shapes started to become popular. This trend continued into the twentieth century during the Art Deco period. This is an approach that has now come into fashion again, and wedding rings that are actually from these periods or simply made in the same style are becoming sought-after.

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands diamond wedding band

    Another big change came in the 1940s. Traditionally, it had usually been only the woman who had worn a wedding ring. In the ’40s, however, the male wedding ring started to become popular and rapidly went from a novel idea to something that was (and still is) more or less the norm. Considering that one interpretation of the wedding ring had been a symbol of ownership, the change to both halves of the relationship wearing a ring instead of just the bride was perhaps a reflection of more enlightened times!

    Wedding Jewellery A Brief History of Wedding Bands rings on a tray

    Author Bio
    Jollys Jewellers are a family run jewellery business, established since the 1830s.

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