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    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding?

    Both weddings and honeymoons can be expensive. In today’s economy, it is often necessary to decide which of these two events merits the most attention in regards to money output. Should you go all-out on the wedding and maybe book a quick weekend for the honeymoon or should you keep the ceremony small and simple and splurge on a honeymoon?

    While there are many factors, including the amount of time you have available, that go into making this decision, here are a few things to consider.

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding?

    It is important, as a couple, to consider what is best for you. You want your friends and family to share in your excitement, but this is your special time and the final choice must be one the two of you feel meets your needs best.

    Focusing on the Wedding

    Very often, little girls dream about their wedding day and plan everything from their dress to the kind of flowers long before they even understand the entire concept of marriage. Weddings can range from a simple ceremony in front of a few to an elaborate affair booked at a wedding resort two years in advance. For most couples, the wedding and reception are considered part of the same event.

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding bride groom ceremony


    Advantages of spending the most on your wedding include:

    • You can share your special moment with a lot of people.
    • You can have your dream wedding location.
    • A fantasy can come to life.
    • You don’t have to decide between special features but can instead have everything you want, from the ice sculpture to a petal-strewn bride’s walk.

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding shropshire petals


    Disadvantages of spending your budget mainly on your wedding include:

    • Your honeymoon may not be as elaborate.
    • It’s only one day, which some may argue makes spending thousands unjustifiable.
    • Simplicity is often a lot more impactful.
    • In the future, many people regret spending so much on their wedding as the money could have been better spent elsewhere,

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding bride groom embrace

    Focusing on the Honeymoon

    The honeymoon gives the couple a chance to relish in each other’s company without having to deal with the demands of everyday life. It’s their first break as a wedded couple, and the romance is heightened greatly. They can explore a new area or spend time alone, the choice is entirely theirs. The special memories created during this time can fuel family traditions down the road.

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding sunset


    The advantages of spending more of your budget on your honeymoon include:

    • You’ll be able to spend more on the location, just think about how romantic and relaxing a honeymoon in the Maldives would be. This is something you may not be able to budget for if you spend everything on the wedding.
    • The honeymoon will last longer.
    • You can do more on your honeymoon and explore new locations and activities together.
    • You can connect more as a couple.
    • There are more memories to talk about in the years to come.
    • The honeymoon spot can become a place for renewing vows and going on special family trips.

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding wine glasses sunset


    Disadvantages of spending more on the honeymoon include:

    • The ceremony may be a lot smaller.
    • The bride may find giving up a long-held vision difficult.
    • You may not be able to have your dream wedding location.
    • A person’s wedding day is often one of the greatest days of their life, the more you spend on it the more special it will be.

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding bridal shoes beach

    Final Words

    Whichever choice you make, both your wedding and your honeymoon are events that are likely to happen only once in a lifetime. Deciding which is the most likely to bring about happy memories throughout the years is the key to your final decision. Take time to think about the pros and cons of both, then go with what your heart tells you.

    In the end, this special time is about you as a couple sharing your love. You can always split the budget evenly and have a beautiful wedding and honeymoon!

    Should You Spend More on Your Honeymoon Than on the Wedding florence

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    Where and How to Find the Right Bridesmaids Dresses

    After searching for months for the perfect dress to wear on your big day, you’ve finally found it. Now, all you have to do is find the perfect bridesmaids dresses to complement it. That should be easy, right? Wrong!

    For many brides-to-be, bridesmaid dress shopping is a lot more stressful than it was searching for their own dream dress. Why? Because unlike the pictures you see in magazines of perfect, similar-size models, your bridesmaids are more than likely going to look completely different to one another. Not only are they different heights and sizes, but they have their own preferences of what they like to wear. This means it’s extremely difficult to please everyone.

    There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right bridesmaids dresses. If you want to avoid the inevitable headache, here you’ll discover where and how to find the right bridesmaids dresses everyone will love.

    Where and How to Find the Right Bridesmaids Dresses

    Things to consider

    Finding bridesmaid dresses to complement the style of your own dress is the easy part. What you really need to pay attention to is the colour. Many brides have a strict colour scheme in their head, without realising that it may not work in reality. Your bridesmaids have different skin tones, so it’s important to choose a colour which matches each of them.

    Where and How to Find the Right Bridesmaids Dresses rainbow bridesmaid dresses

    It’s worth considering having different shades of the same colour to address the skin tone issue. For example, if your colour scheme is purple, choose different shades such as a deep purple for darker skin and lighter purple for pale skin bridesmaids.

    Where and How to Find the Right Bridesmaids Dresses shades of purple bridesmaid dresses You’ll also want to think about having different style dresses. This will help accommodate for different shapes and sizes, as well as increase the chances of keeping all of your bridesmaids happy. However, don’t forget that this is your day so never compromise your own happiness for the sake of keeping other people happy.

    Where to look

    Once you know what to look out for, the question is where should you look? Again, this will depend on numerous factors such as the budget you have to work with. At one time, the only place you could purchase bridesmaid’s dresses was an actual bridal shop. However, these days you can find them online and even in high street fashion stores such as Coast.

    Where and How to Find the Right Bridesmaids Dresses coast bridesmaid dress

    High street stores are an excellent place to look as not only are the dresses considerably cheaper, but the range available is also fantastic.

    Overall, there is a lot to think about when choosing the right bridesmaid dresses for your big day. If you follow the advice above, you’ll find it much easier to choose the best dresses everyone will be happy with.

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    Your Guide to Setting Up a Wedding Gift List   

    While wedding gift lists are a common and expected part of the big day, many couples still feel a little uneasy as to whether or not they should have one. It can feel a little rude to ask for specific things and then there’s the worry over whether you’re asking too much. However, did you know that most guests would prefer to have a little guidance when it comes to what to buy the happy couple?

    Setting up a wedding gift list doesn’t have to be stressful. With so many options available to couple’s these days, it can be an exciting part of the wedding planning process. If you’re struggling to compile a list, here you’ll discover some great tips that can help.

    Your Guide to Setting Up a Wedding Gift List

    What should you ask for?

    Traditionally, the wedding gift list was compiled to include gifts for the couple’s new home. However, these days most couples have already lived together long before they decided to tie the knot. Therefore, they no longer need essential household appliances. This has led to a shift in the types of gifts couple’s do request.

    Your list should be unique to your own needs and preferences. Some couples choose to stick to traditional household items, while others ask for donations to put towards their honeymoon.

    Your Guide to Setting Up a Wedding Gift List  couple selfie on ship for love me love my wedding

    If you’re struggling for ideas, why not check out your favourite stores and see whether they offer a wedding gift list service? Or compile an independent list to include items from several of your favourite stores, as that way you know you’re going to love and want the gifts you receive.

    Great wedding gift list tips

    Figuring out the type of gifts you want to include in your gift list is just the first hurdle. Other things you’re going to need to consider include:

    • How many gifts to include
    • The price of the gifts
    • How to actually ask for the gifts

    In terms of how many gifts to place on the list, it largely depends upon how many guests are coming. Consider whether some of the guests are coming as a couple or family. For example, you could be having 100 guests but when you split them down into couples and families, you’re going to be looking at around 60-70 gifts. As a general rule, it’s better to have a lot more gifts on the list than you need. That way, your guests have plenty to choose from.

    Your Guide to Setting Up a Wedding Gift List truly experience

    The price range of the gifts should also vary, ensuring there’s something to suit all budgets. When it comes to asking guests to choose from the wedding gift list, do it as politely as possible wording it along the lines of “Having you attend our special day is the best gift we could receive. However, if you wish to buy us something you can find our wedding gift list here”.

    Your Guide to Setting Up a Wedding Gift List cartoon

    Overall, putting together a wedding gift list can be stressful, but with the above tips it really doesn’t have to be.


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    Planning Your Perfect Wedding without the Sky High Prices

    Sometimes the thought of all the expense associated with a wedding can be overwhelming. The engagement party, the new outfits and the cake can be extortionately expensive? Tying the knot has become an expensive business, but there are ways to cut the costs of your big day. Today we are showing you our guide on planning your perfect wedding without the sky high prices. Our guide will help you to save money and ensure you have the best day of your life.

    Planning your perfect wedding without the sky high price

    Say Yes to the (High St) Dress

    Can’t afford to blow the whole budget on a dress? Why not look at the high street for outfit options? Thanks to fashionable (and expensive looking labels) Self-Portrait, Free People, Asos and Needle & Thread, designers are being given a run for their money. If you are still determined to go designer – look out for once-worn Vera Wang and Amanda Wakeley gowns on  preloved.co.uk.

    Planning your perfect wedding without the sky high price vera wang gown

    Boys club

    Why should the girls have all the fun? Gents can also treat themselves to a whole new look without having to break the bank. Gant offer everything grooms could possible need on their big day – from classic suits to shirts in every colour.

    Planning your perfect wedding without the sky high price gant shirt Read more

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    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

    Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases you will make during your lifetime. But before you can worry about actually popping the big question, you have to go through the stressful ring buying process.

    While you can read all about the four Cs, you probably have loads of questions about where to start. Fear not, here are all the answers that you need to find the perfect engagement ring.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

    Can I Get Help?

    Of course you can! Buying an engagement ring can be a mammoth and daunting task, but you do not have to do it all on your own. Read and research online before you go shopping, so that you know what you can get for your budget and you are familiar with styles and settings. You could also ask your partner’s friends to come along with you, because a second opinion always helps.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring ring on hand with flower

    How Much Should I Spend?

    In days gone by, the amount spent on an engagement ring should have been equivalent to two or three months wages. Nowadays, this has reduced to around one month. However, it is also important to remember that every couple is different and it comes down to styles and preferences, as well as how much cash you have to spend. However, if you want to buy a traditional diamond engagement ring (like these from F Hinds) it will hurt your bank balance.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring sapphire ring

    How do I Find Out Ring Size?

    Before you can buy a ring, you need to know size. Please, whatever you do, do not guess it. There are ways of finding out ring size without letting the cat out the bag, it just takes a little bit of stealth. The easiest way is to take one of their rings with you to the jewellers, or, if they are likely to notice it has gone missing, try it on your finger and mark where it falls. Alternatively, you could trace the ring on a piece of paper, or use string to measure their ring finger while they sleep.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring closeup bridal gown engagement ring

    Will they Like it?

    When you go ring shopping, it can all too easy to buy a ring that you like, but remember, you will not be wearing it. To get a ring they will adore, consider who you are buying it for. Ask yourself: what kind of jewellery do they normally wear? Are they jeans a t-shirt kind of person or all about expensive designer brands? If you find yourself really stuck, take an online engagement ring quiz to help you narrow down your choices.

    How to Choose the Right Engagement Ring Young man proposing to a woman.

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