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    Ideas for Planning a Winter Proposal in the UK

    Planning a proposal for the love of your life can be an incredibly daunting prospect. Not only will you need to find the ideal engagement ring to do it with, but you’ll want to make sure you choose the best setting, too.

    Thankfully, however, Goldsmiths’ recent survey has helped shed light on what makes the perfect proposal. According to the 1,000 respondents, the best time of year for a proposal is winter, and the majority of people (3 out of 4) would prefer a private, traditional proposal.

    Ideas for Planning a Winter Proposal in the UK

    So, with that in mind, what location or setting in the UK is best for popping the question? Here are some great (and quirky!) ideas:

    1. Go Glamping

    Winter’s deemed the most romantic time of the year because of the warm, snugly feeling you get when you’re wrapped up in front of a fire with your loved one. And what better way to add to this than glamping in a romantic setting?

    Providing you with a tranquil and private space, this is the perfect excuse to get away for a while and enjoy the next chapter in your lives. From proposing in front of the fire in your cabin to choosing a secluded setting nearby, there’s plenty of ways to make this the perfect surprise proposal.

    Ideas for Planning a Winter Proposal in the UK proposla

    1. Do a Treasure Hunt

    If you’d like to do something a little more off-the-wall and you don’t want to stray too far from home, why not create a treasure hunt for your other half? This magical way of proposing could be done inside or out and is sure to give you both a memorable occasion you’ll never forget.

    You could go all out with clues or keep things simple (and romantic) with a trail of chocolates, flowers or candles that lead them to their engagement ring.

    Ideas for Planning a Winter Proposal in the UK treasure hunt

    1. Leave a Message

    One of the best things about winter is the amount of darkness it brings because this provides you with ample time to craft an extra-special proposal. With plenty of fairy lights available during the festive season, it’s easy to get creative, writing out your proposal in battery-powered fairy lights.

    Create your masterpiece on an exterior wall or in your garden, before taking your partner outside to admire your handy work and give you the ‘yes’ you’ve been dying to hear!

    Ideas for Planning a Winter Proposal in the UK Beach perfect proposal for Love me Love My wedding

    As you can see, the perfect proposal doesn’t have to involve lots of expense. Rather, all it takes is some clever pre-planning, creative ideas and the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

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    Tulip Wedding Inspiration – A Spring Wedding Theme

    So it’s officially Spring. Although the weather seems to disagree. It was like Armageddon outside after the wind wreaked havoc on my street!  Well today I have some wedding inspiration with a quintessentially Spring flower. The star attraction today is the tulip. There are some brilliant ideas here. Sit back and soak in all the tulip wedding inspiration…

    Tulip Wedding Inspiration

    Wedding Stationery

    tulip wedding inspirationgraphic tulip invitation for love me love my wedding

    In The Treehouse

    Love this quirky wedding invitation by In The Treehouse.

    tulip wedding inspiration rustic invitation for love me love my wedding

    How about this lovely hessian styled invitation by Need Invite?

    Wedding Bouquets

    Tulips are so versatile, coming in so many pastel or vibrant shades.

    Love this peachy tulip bouquet by Hibiscus Florals.

    Wedding Table Plans  Read more

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    Spring Wedding Theme Cherry Blossom Inspiration

    Believe it or not Spring is officially two weeks away. Hoorah! I love this time of year. The first cheerful crocuses are starting to bloom. My street will soon be lined with cherry blossom trees. Driving through them is an absolute joy. So today I am sharing a perfect spring wedding theme cherry blossom inspiration with you. It really is a fab theme for a Spring wedding. Sooo feminine and versatile.

    So let’s get cracking and bring a bit of Spring cheer into a Thursday morning…..

    Spring Wedding Theme Cherry Blossom Inspiration


    spring wedding theme Cherry blossom inspiration hand painted invitation for love me love my wedding

    Pretty painted stationery can set the tone for your theme.

    spring wedding theme cherry blossom inspiration blossom accents stationery for love me love my wedding

    Blossom Accents

    Love these by Blossom Accents

    cherry blossom wedding theme laura k design stationery for love me love my wedding

    Laura K Designs

    Go for a more graphic design like these from Laura K Designs

    Wedding dresses

    Cherry blossom wedding theme claire pettingbone dress for love me love my wedding

    Claire Pettibone

    Read more

    Wedding Planning – How to Plan Your Perfect Proposal

    A proposal of marriage is as important a moment as the wedding day itself. It’s the moment when you tell your partner that your love for them is so great that you want – no – need to spend the rest of your life with them. You want the perfect proposal so that it brings back cherished memories forever.

    Ultimately a great deal of planning needs to go into the wedding itself, but how much thought have you given to the other big day – the one where you propose?

    Unless you and your partner both love doing things on the spur of the moment, you’ll want to give a lot of thought to how you’ll do it. After all, it is a moment that you will both treasure and reminisce about for many years to come.

    The perfect proposal plan

    McAvoy Photography perfect proposal kissing couple silhouette for Love me Love My Wedding

     The secret to an amazing, memorable or perfect marriage proposal is all in the planning and for that, you’ll need to think about the most important factors – namely, the venue, the ring, music and words, family and friends. Sit down and think about what means the most to your partner and what would make the moment as special for them as it could possibly be.

    The venue

    If you’re stuck for ideas there are lots to choose from. Scotland, for example, has some of the most stunning locations in the world. Maybe you could return to the place where you had your first date, have a horse drawn carriage ride on a beautiful day, take a boat trip on a beautiful Scottish loch or around one of its many islands. How about a walk along a beach, where your partner finds your proposal as a message in a bottle or written in the sand?

    Beach perfect proposal for Love me Love My wedding

    Scottish Highland perfect proposal for Love Me Love My Wedding

    After a romantic meal is another time to propose, with the ring arriving with the pudding, or in a beautiful fairytale castle – guaranteed to put some real magic into your moment. And, if you’re a couple who like to keep active, maybe you could arrange a treasure hunt somewhere beautiful, with the ring as the final prize?

    Read more

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    How Marrying Abroad Will Turn the Best Day of Your Life Into the Best Week

    You’ve heard of couples saying they wished their wedding day could have lasted longer, it went by in a blur, and it was over far too quickly. So, what if there was a way to make that special day last longer, and give you a chance to soak in even more moments and more memories? Well, this is the exact kind of thinking that couples put into wedding plans as they start to think about marrying abroad.

    According to stats from the Government’s Office for National Statistics, one in four UK couples now gets married abroad. Clearly this is a trend that is catching on, and for good reason. While there are all kinds of reasons couples choose to get married abroad, at the root of their decision is the desire to make it more than just the best day of their life, rather the desire to make it the best week.

    How Marrying Abroad Will Turn the Best Day of Your Life Into the Best Week

    How Marrying Abroad Will Turn the Best Day of Your Life Into the Best Week

    For UK couples, one of the most popular wedding destinations to flock to is Greece, more specifically, the island of Mykonos. A wedding in Mykonos is something that not just the couple, but the guests will also remember for a lifetime. Here’s a look at some of the ways that marrying abroad can create the best week of your life.

    Concerned About Your Wedding Budget – Marry Abroad Instead

    You may assume that the most popular reason people choose Mykonos weddings, and destination weddings in general, is that they want to tie a vacation into the wedding. While this is a huge pro in having a destination wedding, it’s not usually the top reason. Instead couples often cite the budget as being the main deciding factor.

    Statistics show that the typical wedding in Britain costs £17,000. Meanwhile, it is estimated that those couples who get married abroad spend on average £4,356. That is a significant cost saving.

    Now here’s where it gets really exciting. For that £4,356, you are able to book something rather luxurious, and likely not a place you’d get to stay at on a regular basis. Luxury villas in Greece are all the rage with couples as it’s a way to immerse themselves in romance, luxury, and beauty, yet still save a fortune versus the cost of a typical wedding at home.

    Take for example Blue Villas which is known for specialising in Mykonos weddings by offering a dedicated wedding planning team. This villa company goes out of the way to ensure your trip is memorable from the moment you land in Mykonos, until the time you depart. They will look after all the wedding planning and details for you and your guests, while you enjoy living like a celebrity surrounding yourself in the luxurious amenities that await.

    How Marrying Abroad Will Turn the Best Day of Your Life Into the Best Week

    A Chance to Be with a Tight-Knit Group

    Another big reason that couples choose a destination wedding is that they don’t want to deal with the drama of a massive guest list. If you choose to have a destination wedding, it’s likely your guest list will be reserved for your closest family and friends, the ones you truly enjoy spending time with. They will be there to share in your special day, plus you can enjoy a fabulous vacation together.

    Fabulous Weather

    Weather is often a factor in the decision making process as well. Here at home in the UK, there is no such thing as a guaranteed lovely day. Meanwhile, most overseas destinations are filled with sunshine and warm temperatures which make for the perfect wedding and photography conditions.

    How Marrying Abroad Will Turn the Best Day of Your Life Into the Best Week

    Just a Small Look

    This is just a very small look at the many reasons why getting married abroad is such a popular choice with couples. So, if you are looking to stretch your wedding day into a full-week of lifetime memories, marrying abroad is the answer.

    How Marrying Abroad Will Turn the Best Day of Your Life Into the Best Week

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