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    The Perfect Wedding Car for All Budgets

    A small but significant part of the wedding plan is the choice of the perfect wedding transport. This is something the bride will likely delegate to the groom, after mutually deciding the type of vehicle and fixing the budget. What are the options out there for getting the perfect wedding car for all budgets? How do you get the perfect wedding car that makes the right statement, is unique, and won’t break the bank? Let’s take a look.

    The Perfect Wedding Car for All Budgets


     This is the standard-bearer when it comes to wedding cars. It is perfect for a glamorous arrival with plenty of space for the wedding dress, and it makes the right statement as you leave for your honeymoon. It is also perfect for the hen and stag nights that precede the wedding. If you are going to use the service a couple of times, make sure you get a discount on the entire wedding package.

    Classic car

    Nothing oozes class more than a classic car such as a 1927 Rolls Royce or a Bentley MK VI. It would be the perfect match for a retro-themed wedding, or just to give the occasion a touch of sophistication. The car is sure to be the object of a few close-up inspections. They comfortably seat up to five, without crushing the dress. Check online to see what’s available in your local area, and make sure she gets to see the available options.

    The perfect wedding car for all budgets classic car rookery hall for love me love my weddng

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Super car

    If you are one of the lucky few who gets the approval for something exotic such as a Porsche 911 or a Ferrari Gallardo, then you know where you’ll find all the boys at the wedding. Make sure you check more than one service, and you may need to settle for a compromise if budget is a constraint. If you’re a racing enthusiast like former president of the FIA and now the industry voice for F1, Max Mosley, a super car would be a great choice for your wedding. You’d better make the most of it- Max Mosley believes F1 is on the brink of collapse, as he fights for a more level playing field and other structural reforms.

    The perfect wedding car for all budgets ferrari for love me love my weddng

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Horse-drawn carriage

     If the wedding is at a stately home or country hotel, then a horse-drawn carriage as the last mile ride gives the occasion a unique flavour. It is also a great ride for the young ones, and once again, this will be an object of curiosity among the guests. Whatever your wedding day mode of transport, know that you will need to check multiple services and negotiate. Ask for deals and special discounts.

    The perfect wedding car for all budgets horse drawn carriage crewe hall for love me love my weddng

    Image by McAvoy Photography


    Let your wedding day take you to cloud nine, literally. If your wedding venue can afford the space, then this might just be your once-in-a-lifetime experience. A three-hour rental would cost anywhere upward of four grand, and the helicopter typically takes four people.

      The perfect wedding car for all budgets helicopter wedding for love me love my weddng

    The perfect wedding car, like the perfect wedding, needs to be discussed and planned if you want to avoid any last minute surprises. Good luck with your search, and best wishes for the big day.

    Best of Brighton: Why the Seaside City Is Wedding Perfect

    If you are considering a destination wedding and distance is no object, then you may wish to consider the very fabulous Brighton. No, not Brighton, England, although a wedding there would also be fab, but Brighton in Melbourne.

    Now I didn’t even know such a place existed but now that I do I desperately want to go and I can imagine that holding your wedding there would be spectacular.

    So here’s a little information about choosing Brighton, Melbourne as your destination wedding location….

    Best of Brighton: Why the Seaside City Is Wedding Perfect

    When you’re considering where you want to wed, while you want to choose a place you love. You also want your location to be appealing to the guests who’ll share your day with you. This means it is worth considering the last few weddings you attended.

    Weren’t they more fun when the actual location was vibrant and there were other things to do? Even if you live within driving distance of the wedding location, who doesn’t want to go somewhere where you can have a good time, beyond the event?

    If you’ve chosen Melbourne, and specifically the Melbourne beaches, you are likely to opt for one of the most popular and colourful beaches, Brighton. The beachside suburb is, unsurprisingly, named after England’s legendary Brighton. Brighton is one of the top wedding venues in Melbourne.


    Brighton is ideal for a couple who want to marry, as well as for their guests. It was founded in the mid-1800s by English settlers. The most notable tourist attraction in Brighton are the 82 super colourful bathing boxes which first appeared in 1986, at the end of Bay St, at the water’s edge. Today, the bathing boxes are located just south of Middle Brighton on Dendy Street Beach. Many were constructed between 1908 and 1911 because a tram line was installed to Brighton from St. Kilda in 1906. As many as 200 are thought to have been built before the Great Depression. The boxes were moved to another location, and finally, 1934, to the current location further back on the beach.


    The iconic boxes are identical in size and build and regulated by an organization called Bayside City Council’s Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay. The boxes must retain Victorian era architecture, which means timber frames, weatherboard sidings, and corrugated iron roofs. They must not have any electricity or running water. Only residents may buy them, which they purchase for about the price of a house, and annual council rates of $500 AUD. In February 2016, the box located at 62B Dendy St sold for a record $295,000 AUD in only two weeks; the previous owners had it for more than 20 years, and it is reportedly one of the original boxes. In January, one sold for $285,000.


    A terrific venue to consider for your wedding is the astonishingly beautiful hotel – Brighton Savoy, which will meet most, if not all of your ceremony and reception needs. It is a great place your guests to sightsee and walk. In fact, some of Melbourne’s wealthiest live in magnificent and impressive homes – lovely neighbourhoods to peruse. Cyclists love Beach Road on the beach. Both walkers and cyclists frequent the Bay Trail for off-road walking/cycling tracks along the coastline.


    Also fun to visit are the “historic modern” Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Middle Brighton Municipal Baths, and the Middle Brighton Pier and breakwater.


    Churches and historic homes can also be found on North Road, and a popular restaurant has a great view of Port Phillip Bay.

    Even at night, the twinkle of the beautiful Melbourne city skyline is a sight to be seen.


    By choosing Melbourne, and the beautiful beach of Brighton you are ensuring your wedding will be memorable for you as a married couple and for your guests, too.

    Shopping for an Engagement Ring Made Easy

    Planning for a wedding is an exciting time in most of our lives, but there is so much to do that sometimes, it seems like your task list is endless. The first milestone on the wedding planning journey is choosing an engagement ring. As the old adage says, it is all about working smarter and not working harder, so here are some tips for shopping for an engagement ring made easy.

    Shopping for an Engagement Ring Made Easy showing engagement ring round fiance's back

    What do you want?

    The first thing you will need to decide is what type of engagement ring you want to buy. It is also important to decide on how much money you have to spend. There are many different types of engagement rings available, as well as many different cuts of stone.

    • Baguette Cut
    • Pear shape
    • Marquise Cut
    • Cushion Cut
    • Princess Cut

    Shopping for an Engagement Ring Made Easy pear shaped diamond ring

    Pear shaped diamond ring

    If you are buying a diamond engagement ring, you will also need to decide on the colour of the stones that will be mounted on the ring, as there are quite a few varieties available.

    • Blue
    • Orange
    • Red
    • Pink
    • Yellow

    Shopping for an Engagement Ring Made Easy pink diamond ring on hand

    Pink diamond

    Shopping for an Engagement Ring Made Easy orange diamond engagement ring

    Orange diamond

    When you know what it is that you are looking for and also how much money you have to spend, then you can start your search for the best engagement ring that your budget will allow.

    Let your fingers do the walking!

    Instead of walking around to all of the jewellery shops that are local to you and spend hours of your time, why not start your search from the comforts of your home? The internet is a powerful tool and within seconds, you can have lots of websites that sell engagement rings. If you are looking for a GIA-certified diamond that is worth your investment, then choose the Diamond Queensland engagement rings in Brisbane.

    Shopping for an Engagement Ring Made Easy putting engagement ring on finger

    But before you make your decision, contact each company in your list and explain what it is that you are looking for, and they will most likely advise you as to what they have to offer. Of all the responses you get back, draw a shortlist of companies that you feel have the correct credentials and can provide quality products that are within your budget.

    Accredited and Professional

    When it comes down to choosing the jewellery shop that you will buy the engagement ring from, there are factors to consider such as price, customer service, and value for money. However, it is important to make sure that you choose a company that has industry accreditation, to ensure that you are dealing with a professional. Price is important, but you should also make sure that both the quality of the product and the service is also apparent.

    So when you have made your final choice of which jewellers to buy from, you can visit their showroom and start checking out all the rings that are available. Using the internet to do all of the legwork for you means you will spend less time in a jeweller’s shop, and allowing your more time to plan for your special day.

    Shopping for an Engagement Ring Made Easy ring on hand


    Why Should You Customise your Wedding Day

    Whether you choose to have a wedding that is traditional or outlandish, it’s always good to customise your big day in some form. After all, it is your wedding, and you want it to represent you as a couple as much as possible. So why should you customise your wedding day?

    why should you customise your wedding day vegas stationery

    Why Should You Customise your Wedding Day

    Alternative venues are exciting

    Today, venues associated with entertainment or sports are trendy choices for many couples to customise their wedding day. For example, Durham County Cricket Club is a very popular hosting venue, and offers a wide range of facilities which will allow you to find what you’re looking for. Ultimately, a break from the norm or the expected can be very exciting, and the right venue will tie your wedding theme together.

    why should you customise your wedding day durham county cricket club wedding

    It gives your wedding an edge

    A wedding that is customised gives your big day an edge, and is potentially very exciting and memorable for you and your guests. For more ideas on how you can customise your special day, check out this great guide from Hitched.

    why should you customise your wedding day my fair lady

    A customised wedding gives you more control

    It’s always interesting to put your own spin on things. Customising your wedding allows you to be prepared for if anything goes wrong, which ultimately gives you more control over your special day. So, whilst it might seem like added stress to begin with, a customised wedding could actually reduce some pre-wedding anxiety.

    why should you customise your wedding day summer flowers wedding theme

    You’ll have fun regardless!

    It’s your wedding day! Everything will fall into place by the time the big day arrives. The most important thing is not just enjoy the day itself, but the days leading up to it. It’s important that planning is exciting. To make sure that your excitement isn’t lost at any point of planning, pick up something that is going to remind you that your special day is getting closer, such as this personalised countdown calendar from notonthehighstreet.

    why should you customise your wedding day customised wedding calendar

    Why Buy an Antique Engagement Ring

    For some women a brand new sparkly engagement ring just isn’t enough. They want a ring with a big more history and meaning behind it. For others that new engagement ring signifies a new start.  So why buy an antique engagement ring? Is it just a matter of personal taste? Let’s investigate.

    Why Buy An Antique Engagement Ring

    People nowadays see antique jewellery not just as something that you buy at an auction house but a glimpse of the wearer’s life and passions. The many lifetimes that antique jewellery has gone through make them a great conversation starter for just about anyone wearing it.

    why buy an antique engagement ring round diamond ring

    • But besides the mysterious allure, what are the reasons that make antique engagement rings a better option than the traditional engagement ring?They’re ethically-sourced. One of the biggest concerns in buying a diamond engagement ring is of whether they’re ethically-sourced or not. Watch out for jewellers who are quick to claim that all their diamonds are “conflict-free’’. Many are not even certified but they claim it anyway as a way to lure customers in. With antique engagement rings for sale at Kalmar Antiques, this isn’t even a question you need to ask. All antique engagement rings pre-date to a time when diamond conflict was still non-existent. Antique engagement rings also reduce the demand for gold, diamond, and gemstone mines which greatly impact the environment. So if you’re getting an antique engagement ring, you are supporting ethically sourced jewellery while saving the environment at the same time.

    why buy an antique engagement ring emerald ring

    • They have a rich history. If your special one gives you an antique engagement ring with a rich history behind it, consider yourself lucky. You get to tell a story that’s beyond just the typical ‘’He bought it from the jewellery store, got down on one knee, and surprised me with it.’’ Wearing an antique engagement ring is like having a little thread that ties you to its rich past. It could be from your favourite historical period, an heirloom, or from the same era that belonged to someone special in your life. Whatever it is, you get to choose the story that goes with your antique engagement ring or it chooses you.

    why buy an antique engagement ring rose gold ring

    • They’re affordable. Why buy new when you can get an old one that has a friendly price tag and a value that increases over time? That’s antique engagement rings for you. Many antique types of jewellery come at affordable price, more budget-friendly than that of your regular brand new diamond engagement ring. The best part is, if maintained and cared for properly, it can help increase the ring’s value over time.

    why buy an antique engagement ring diamond ring

    • They’re unique. Most of the antique jewellery made back then were custom and handmade. When you get an antique engagement ring, you are sure that there is none like it that exists out there. This is a great difference from the mass produced diamond engagement rings that you see in the market today. Not only that, you get to enjoy selecting among the many periods, designs, and styles. Get all the latest catalogues from your favourite antique jewellery store and pick one that fits you best.

    why buy an antique engagement ring sapphire ring

    Antique engagement rings have more qualities that make them far more superior than your regular diamond engagement ring but the ones we have outlined above stand out the most. Whether you’re the one giving or receiving it, you can rest easy knowing that you got the value for your money. Would you consider an antique ring or are you all a modern bling? Would love to hear from you.

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