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    Guide to Planning and Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake

    Today we have a guest post from a fellow blogger at Quirky Bride and its a subject I can easily get into..cake. So here is a guide to planning and finding the perfect wedding cake.

    When I started planning my wedding one year ago, I set up my blog www.quirkybride.com and then set about planning my wedding. My main priority was getting all the big things taken care of. The venue, the dress, the catering – they all seemed hugely important and I became an organizational machine, ticking off each thing one by one.

    The cake however, for me anyway, was something further down the list. I knew I wanted a cake (who doesn’t love cake!?) but I didn’t really have any ideas about what I wanted, the details, or what to ask for.

    All of these other things on my wedding planning list I could pinpoint exactly what I needed and wanted. But as a baking novice, when it came to planning the cake, I was left a little bit clueless. So there were many questions I needed answers to.

    • What type of cake am I allowed to have? Do all wedding cakes have to be fruitcake?
    • Is sponge cake even an option?
    • How many tiers of cake do I need for my guest-list? (I don’t want people missing out on cake!)
    • What kind of colours can I choose from?
    • Are fake tiers a thing, and how much do they cost?
    • What is the average price for a wedding cake, and how much should I budget for it?
    Guide to Planning and Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake summer garden wedding cake display for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography – Cake by Cheshire Cat Cake Company

    It goes on and on. I tried asking my grandma for advice, but as her wedding was over 50 years ago, even she (the queen of baking) seemed a little out of touch with current pricing. I couldn’t even ask friends about their wedding cakes – because I’m the first one to tie the knot.

    Luckily, it’s times like these I’m ridiculously grateful for the internet.

    Guide to Planning and Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake

    Here are some amazingly helpful resources to help inspire you, and help you plan your cake:

    Pinterest – It goes without saying that Pinterest is an amazing resource for brides-to-be. You can basically type in all the ideas and inspiration you have – and it’ll pop up loads of relevant photos you can either use as inspiration, or just copy off. Prepare to become addicted ha!

    Cake Visualising Tools – I’m not sure if I’ve termed that right (it sounds a bit made up!?) but that’s how I’d describe this kind of tool. Basically you answer a load of questions about your dream cake, what you want from it, what it’ll be made up of, and the tool makes up a digital version of what it would look like. Very useful if you’re not the kind of person who describes things well.

    I also came across several great tips while I was searching for how-to and don’ts the most useful of which I’ve listed below: Read more

    Cheshire Cat Cake Company Trends 2015

    Brace yourself! Today we have some scrumptious cakey loveliness to share with you. We have the Cheshire Cat Cake Company trends 2015.  There are some lovely styles doing the rounds at the moments so sit back and let Francesca from Cheshire Cat Cake Company be your guide.

    Cheshire Cat Cake Company Trends 2015

    I always find it fascinating looking at current wedding cake trends in the UK. As a nation we are heavily influenced by cake styles from Australia and United States but then add that British twist to make it ours.

    Over the last 6-7 years,  the ‘vintage’  style has continued to gain momentum, with incorporation of lace, bunting, vintage brooches, buttons and bows, with an increasing move towards an even more casual, rustic ‘out-doorsy’ look.

    So my top 10 trends for 2015/16

    Lace lace lace

    A firm favourite, with many brides requesting duplication of the design from their own gown. This can be achieved through stencilling, moulding, brush embroidery, embossing and sugar and real lace of course. A classic and will continue for many years to come.

    cheshire cat cake company trends 2015 lace for love me  love my wedding



    Ahhh naked cakes, definitely the new kid on the block, so called because they are un-iced. They are often chosen by those who are having rustic ‘barn style weddings’ and are generally adorned with seasonal fruits, flowers and bunting toppers, displayed on a log slice to complete the look.

    cheshire cat cake company trends 2015 naked for love me  love my wedding



    Layers and layers of sugar ruffles create a soft romantic and elegant look, matching flowing dresses and accessories.

    cheshire cat cake company trends 2015 ruffles for love me  love my wedding



    Another trend that has been around for a while now, introduced by cake designers in Australia, gold and silver leaf used on cake tiers to add subtle sparkle, or on the whole cake to create drama.

    cheshire cat cake company trends 2015 for love me  love my wedding



    Another classic, reinvigorated by the royal wedding cake. Intricate detailing of swags pearls, and lace over piping, testing the decorator’s skills .

    cheshire cat cake company trends 2015 piping for love me  love my wedding


    by Madisons On Main(photo by Amanda Watson) Read more

    2015 Wedding Cake Trends – Caroline’s Cake Company

    Well it’s Tuesday and almost a whole week of work ahead. I for one am in need of a whole lot of cake, so I am pleased to share some 2015 wedding cake trends courtesy of Caroline’s Cake Company. Caroline’s cakes not only look fabulous but taste AMAZING. She is the main reason I put on 7 pounds over Christmas!

    So it’s over to Caroline to see what’s hot in the wedding cake world for this year…..


    Make an edgy and glamorous statement with a metallic finish to your wedding cake. Pair it up with some contrasting bright blossoms or keep it simple against a clean white finish.

    2015 wedding cake trends metallic wedding cake for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by Vickerstaff Photography. Cake by Caroline’s Cake Company

    Hand Painted

    Still going strong in 2015. A very popular design technique continues for 2015 wedding cake trends, possibly because it is so versatile. If you’ve come across a particular print design, you would like a nod to your wedding bouquet flowers, or if you have a favourite painting, you can ask your wedding cake designer to replicate it on your cake. What makes this technique extra special is that the designs are painted on using cocoa butter and edible colour dusts – what’s not to like? Check out this pretty bird cake by Wedding Oz.

    2015 wedding cake trends hand painted wedding cake for Love Me Love My Wedding

     Rose Gold / Gold / Silver Sequins

    Quite often cake designs draw inspiration from what our brides and grooms tell us they love. Sequins were top of the list. They were everywhere towards the end of last year, from draping tablecloths to stunning wedding gowns. They are set to stay this season and beyond.

    2015 wedding cake trends sequins wedding cake for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Sequins wedding cake by Caroline’s Cake Company

    Country Blossoms

    Planning a boho, outdoorsy, ‘haystacks in the barn’ wedding? Well you can’t go wrong with a burst of colourful, pretty blossoms adorning your cake.

    2015 wedding cake trends floral cake for Love Me Love My Wedding

     Rustic Buttercream

    Eternally popular in the USA and making a big impact over here in the UK. Keep in rustic with a scattering of flowers and a funky topper (Etsy are the bomb for toppers).

    2015 wedding cake trends rustic butter cream for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Rustic butter cream. Cake by Caroline’s Cake Company


    No not the bride and groom! Baked to perfection, pick a delicious filling of your choice, powder sugar coated roses, petals and summer fruit. Can’t beat this for a stunning wedding cake centre piece to really wow your guests.

    2015 wedding cake trends naked wedding cake for Love me Love My Wedding

    Naked wedding cake by Caroline’s Cake Company

    Love, love all of these 2015 wedding cake trends but especially the hand painted cakes-divine! Cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. I have already placed my order for a chocolate mud Valentine’s cake-hmm I wonder who that present is really for……

    Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

    Today we have some fab alternative wedding cake ideas. I’m a bit obsessed with cake at the minute. I spent months making different types of cake for guests to eat over Christmas but then I ended up having to eat most of it (well someone had to tidy up). As a result I am having a sugar free January and dreaming of carrot cake and chocolate brownies.

    So today’s post is aimed at those of you who need a virtual sugar fix or are trying to decide what sort of cake to have for your wedding.

    Peter Edwards Photos have put together a useful infographic with some great alternative wedding cake ideas. A change to the traditional wedding cake, as well as some fab cake topper ideas.


    alternative wedding cake ideas

    Hope you found some alternative wedding cake ideas or gorgeous cake toppers to suit your style. If you have any cakes or toppers you would like to share with us, please get in touch. Bye for now, Jenny.

    Cakes by Beth – A Whole Year of Yumminess

    I am in absolute in awe of cake designers. Where do they get their ideas from? How do they get the icing so neat? How do they make those intricate little details? Search me-I can’t even decorate a simple fairy cake without it looking like I have either dropped it or let a horde of 3 year olds loose in the kitchen!

    Well today we are able to have a look at the work of a master ( or should I say mistress?) Beth of Cakes By Beth is a talented, dedicated cake designer who consistently produces original breathtaking works of confectionary art.

    I’m sure we will see lots more of Beth’s cakes in the coming months but today we are looking at her fabulous 2012 collection. So let’s get on with it. Which is your favourite and why?

    Ivory birdcage-inspired cake with black details, roses and copper lustre, paired with birdcage cookies with copper blossom details. A darker, sultry take on a classic cake.

    Read more

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