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    Vera Wang Spring 2016 Collection – Cutting Edge or Cutting Room Floor?

    So I’ve been researching the Spring 2016 bridal collections from various designers this week and happened upon the Vera Wang Spring 2016 collection. I have long been an admirer of he classic Vera Wang dress. Reminiscent of an aspirational New York lifestyle. Clean lines, flattering, sophisticated. So what went wrong with this collection? I may be on my own here. though I doubt it, but this is the most vile collection of wedding dress designs I have ever seen. The majority are completely unwearable. Just imagine walking down the aisle in any of these.  In my opinion, someone has seriously lost the plot. Anyway don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself and please, please, please, leave a comment below.

    Vera Wang Spring 2016 Collection

    Vera wang Spring 2016 collection Daniela for love me love my wedding

    I’ll break you in gently with this confusing gown. Without the bow monstrosity on the front this could have been quite a nice dress. What is the point of the bow? It appears to be acting as a fancy sling for one arm. WHY?

    Vera wang Spring 2016 collection fr love me love my wedding

    The fabric on the outer skirt is gorgeous but why the short bit underneath? looks like the sort of thing a 16 year old would buy from the local cheap shop. And don’t even get me started on the greasy hair look. Have a bloody wash!


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    Wedding Gowns – Eliza Jane Howell Grand Opera Collection 2016

    Now I love wedding dresses. One of my biggest wedding planning regrets is that I only tried 2 dresses on when I get married. Now I am lucky as I get to touch, drool and photograph lots of different styles of gowns to feed my addiction. To me a wedding dress is probably the most glamorous and expensive thing you will ever wear. Make it count and ratchet up the sophistication a notch. What better way to do that than with the Eliza Jane Howell Grand Opera Collection 2016. As the name suggests the collection evokes glamour from a bygone era. Effortless chic in flowing fabrics, intricate beading, feathers and classic silhouettes. There is even a bit of paisley. When did you last see that in a wedding dress?

    So today I am bringing just a flavour of the collection. There are more to ooh an ahh over on the website.

    Eliza Jane Howell Grand Opera Collection 2016


    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 belinda for love me love my wedding


    Soft, flowing Belinda with gorgeous shoulder and sleeve detail.


    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 angelica for love me love my wedding


    I do love a long sleeved wedding gown. Tis figure skimming Angelica is a beauty. Imagine the sparkle off this beauty under the evening lights?

    Lady Lucille

    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 lady lucille for love me love my wedding

    Lady Lucille

    The back view of any Eliza Jane Howell dress is as show stopping as the front and Lady Lucille is no exception.


    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 olympia for love me love my wedding


    Super flattering bodice detail draws the eye in on this cap sleeved gown that looks amazing the with fringed Juliette cap veil.


    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 juliette for love me love my wedding


    Beautiful metallic Juliette with beaded fringed sleeved, plunging neckline and shimmering silver beading.


    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 fleur for love me love my wedding


    Just look at the art deco inspired fabric on this beauty, Fleur. Also love that elbow length gloves are making a comeback.


    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 chianti for love me love my wedding


    Fabulous feathers and sparkly beads make Chianti a total knockout.


    eliza jane howell grand opera collection 2016 venus for love me love my wedding


    And here’s that paisley I was telling you about. How to make a statement at your wedding in one slinky Venus dress.

    So there you have it. Just a little glamorous taster of the fabulous Eliza Jane Howell Grand Opera Collection 2016. Which is your favourite? Would love to hear from you.

    Wedding dress shopping: Picking the dress of your dreams

    Hundreds of people get married every day. So you would assume that if there was some deep dark secret surrounding the dress shopping experience, someone would have spilt the glitter by now. Unfortunately that is not the case. For some reason or another, friends, family and the glossy pages of wedding magazines all tend to leave out the most important aspects to picking the perfect dress. Which is why this list has come to the rescue. Think of it as a pre-wedding gift to save you time, embarrassment and disappointment whilst wedding dress shopping!

    Wedding dress shopping: Picking the dress of your dreams

    1. Wedding Dresses are really expensive

    You are probably already aware of the immense heights the price of a wedding dress can reach but what people tend to leave out is the fact that there is rarely a way around the price tag. Sooner or later you will have to accept the fact that weddings aren’t cheap. The best thing to do is to talk the sales person down as much as you can and to ask the consultant about any available discounts in store. It is also advised that you don’t show up to your appointment clueless. Wedding dresses from Bride Online will give you a clearer idea of the different variations, styles and fabrics of dresses available so that you can choose your dream dress with a little more assurance and confidence.

    wedding dress shopping bride vei bar for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Wedding Photography

    1. ‘The One’ may not be what you had expected

    Similar to your fiancée perhaps, the perfect dress may not be the one that you saw coming. When you attend your dress fitting appointment you will probably have a few ideas swimming around in your head about what style, shape and fabric you see yourself in on your big da. This is good news for the consultant but try not to restrict yourself too much. Huffington Post advises that you try on a variety of gowns because this is a one-time experience. You may even surprise yourself by liking something completely different than what you had expected.

    wedding dress shopping bride sofa for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Wedding Photography

    1. Expect to get a little more ‘up close and personal’

    An embarrassing surprise for many budding brides is when they enter the changing room to try on another dress and suddenly the sales consultant is unzipping and dressing you herself. This is a lot more common than you might think. The main reason is to save time. Appointments often drag on longer than anticipated which could leave other customers waiting around for their turn. To speed things up, the consultant might help you along. So make sure you aren’t wearing anything too embarrassing underneath all those layers.

    wedding dress shopping dress fitting for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Wedding Photography

         4. Choosing the right undergarments is essential

    The wrong undergarments have the power to throw you off balance and can make you look less than perfect on your special day. That is why it is important to wear underwear that will compliment your figure and to ensure that your dress fits properly.

    wedding dress shopping wedding lingerie for love me love my wedding

    Smooth & Slim Shapewear

    1. If you can’t walk in it, how are you going to dance in it?

    There is no point trying on your favourite wedding dress and standing on the same spot. It’s time to take the dress on a test run. Walk about the store and test how the dress moves and decide whether or not you feel comfortable in it. According to Glamour magazine, ‘a dress that’s pretty when you’re standing tall can look frumpy when you’re seated’. Which is why it’s a good idea to give your dress a fair test run before buying it.

    wedding dress shopping first dance for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Wedding Photography


    Wedding Fashion – Vintage Inspired Bridal Gowns

    Today I thought it was time for a bit of wedding gown loveliness, with a gorgeous collection of reasonably priced, vintage inspired gowns from Rosa Novias, an online store of bridal gowns. I am sharing with you some of my favourites…..

    sleeved bridal gown

    Beautiful sleeved tulle gown. Perfect for a winter wedding.

      ruffled wedding gown

    If you want to make a statement then this is the dress for you. Love the ruffles and handmade flowers on this gown.

    organza wedding gown

    For for a fairytale bride. Love the neckline and embellishment on this dress.

    Read more

    Wedding Dresses – Styles Through the Ages

    Are you struggling to find the perfect wedding dress? Why not look to the past for inspiration? Today we have a fab infographic from Dublin based wedding ring supplier Perfect Ring, which show the evolution of wedding fashion over the last century, There is definitely a style to suit everone amongst this lot and you can either  choose a vintage inspired new gown, or get searching for a pre loved wedding dress with lots of hisotry behind it.

    wedding dresses

    So which era would you go for? I am definitely a 1950s shape and can’t resist a pair of glam gloves!

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