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    Best of Brighton: Why the Seaside City Is Wedding Perfect

    If you are considering a destination wedding and distance is no object, then you may wish to consider the very fabulous Brighton. No, not Brighton, England, although a wedding there would also be fab, but Brighton in Melbourne.

    Now I didn’t even know such a place existed but now that I do I desperately want to go and I can imagine that holding your wedding there would be spectacular.

    So here’s a little information about choosing Brighton, Melbourne as your destination wedding location….

    Best of Brighton: Why the Seaside City Is Wedding Perfect

    When you’re considering where you want to wed, while you want to choose a place you love. You also want your location to be appealing to the guests who’ll share your day with you. This means it is worth considering the last few weddings you attended.

    Weren’t they more fun when the actual location was vibrant and there were other things to do? Even if you live within driving distance of the wedding location, who doesn’t want to go somewhere where you can have a good time, beyond the event?

    If you’ve chosen Melbourne, and specifically the Melbourne beaches, you are likely to opt for one of the most popular and colourful beaches, Brighton. The beachside suburb is, unsurprisingly, named after England’s legendary Brighton. Brighton is one of the top wedding venues in Melbourne.


    Brighton is ideal for a couple who want to marry, as well as for their guests. It was founded in the mid-1800s by English settlers. The most notable tourist attraction in Brighton are the 82 super colourful bathing boxes which first appeared in 1986, at the end of Bay St, at the water’s edge. Today, the bathing boxes are located just south of Middle Brighton on Dendy Street Beach. Many were constructed between 1908 and 1911 because a tram line was installed to Brighton from St. Kilda in 1906. As many as 200 are thought to have been built before the Great Depression. The boxes were moved to another location, and finally, 1934, to the current location further back on the beach.


    The iconic boxes are identical in size and build and regulated by an organization called Bayside City Council’s Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay. The boxes must retain Victorian era architecture, which means timber frames, weatherboard sidings, and corrugated iron roofs. They must not have any electricity or running water. Only residents may buy them, which they purchase for about the price of a house, and annual council rates of $500 AUD. In February 2016, the box located at 62B Dendy St sold for a record $295,000 AUD in only two weeks; the previous owners had it for more than 20 years, and it is reportedly one of the original boxes. In January, one sold for $285,000.


    A terrific venue to consider for your wedding is the astonishingly beautiful hotel – Brighton Savoy, which will meet most, if not all of your ceremony and reception needs. It is a great place your guests to sightsee and walk. In fact, some of Melbourne’s wealthiest live in magnificent and impressive homes – lovely neighbourhoods to peruse. Cyclists love Beach Road on the beach. Both walkers and cyclists frequent the Bay Trail for off-road walking/cycling tracks along the coastline.


    Also fun to visit are the “historic modern” Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Middle Brighton Municipal Baths, and the Middle Brighton Pier and breakwater.


    Churches and historic homes can also be found on North Road, and a popular restaurant has a great view of Port Phillip Bay.

    Even at night, the twinkle of the beautiful Melbourne city skyline is a sight to be seen.


    By choosing Melbourne, and the beautiful beach of Brighton you are ensuring your wedding will be memorable for you as a married couple and for your guests, too.


    The Lowdown on Wedding Catering Hire Services

    A lot goes into making an event successful. Whether it is a wedding, family gathering, corporate event or exhibition, you need to work on every detail, right from selecting the décor, finalising the menu, to making arrangements for furniture and cutlery. To make this entire task easier, now you can opt for professional catering hire services. They have been delivering top quality services to match your needs and helping you celebrate joyous occasions with even more fervour. So today we have the lowdown on wedding catering services

    the lowdown on wedding catering hire services table silver service green table cloth

    The trend of hiring catering suppliers is not new, as they have been serving their clients for years. This makes them ideal to deliver incomparable catering and equipment supplies. Furniture is among the main requirements when planning any event, be it a wedding or office party. Buying furniture for just a few hours might not be a reasonable decision, as it will not be in use anymore once the event is over. So instead of spending money on buying new furniture, it is more economical to hire quality furniture for as much as time as required. You can go through the variety of chairs, tables and other items available, to choose the most suitable style as per your event.

    the lowdown on wedding catering hire services table chair covers colourful sashes

    Similar to furniture, cutlery is another item that has to be chosen with care. Catering suppliers have an amazing range of cutlery items available for their clients, ranging from simple and sober to colourful ones. While weddings and formal parties call for classy and elegant cutlery, colourful plates and glasses are more suitable for kid’s birthday parties. Depend from the type of event you are planning, you can make your choice and order the type of cutlery you require, including plates, glasses, spoons, forks etc.

    the lowdown on wedding catering hire services cutlery place card cake pop

    Besides the above mentioned services, catering suppliers have also introduced exhibition services, proving to be one stop shop for all your exhibition related needs. Right from equipment and furniture to stands and draping, everything can be hired from one place without having to visit various suppliers. On top of that, lighting, audio visual systems etc. can also be managed by them; thanks to their reliable team of technical experts. In short, no matter how big or small the event is; they have just the right solutions to match your needs. However, to ensure you get the best service possible, it is essential to look for a reputable and renowned service provider.

    the lowdown on wedding catering hire services name hologram

    Someone who has been in this business since considerable time will be better acquainted with the needs of this trade and can deliver better service. Reputable catering hire service providers give preference to their clients and ensure to deliver exceptional service each time. Their personnel are well trained and knowledgeable, capable of understanding your needs and offering the right type and style as per your requirement. Along with that, the quality of the items they deliver is also unmatched. Once you have informed them about the event you have in mind and what all you will require, they will never fail to honour their commitment and deliver best quality items at your doorstep, as and when needed.

    the lowdown on wedding catering hire services bride groom laughing wedding breakfast

    Why Should You Customise your Wedding Day

    Whether you choose to have a wedding that is traditional or outlandish, it’s always good to customise your big day in some form. After all, it is your wedding, and you want it to represent you as a couple as much as possible. So why should you customise your wedding day?

    why should you customise your wedding day vegas stationery

    Why Should You Customise your Wedding Day

    Alternative venues are exciting

    Today, venues associated with entertainment or sports are trendy choices for many couples to customise their wedding day. For example, Durham County Cricket Club is a very popular hosting venue, and offers a wide range of facilities which will allow you to find what you’re looking for. Ultimately, a break from the norm or the expected can be very exciting, and the right venue will tie your wedding theme together.

    why should you customise your wedding day durham county cricket club wedding

    It gives your wedding an edge

    A wedding that is customised gives your big day an edge, and is potentially very exciting and memorable for you and your guests. For more ideas on how you can customise your special day, check out this great guide from Hitched.

    why should you customise your wedding day my fair lady

    A customised wedding gives you more control

    It’s always interesting to put your own spin on things. Customising your wedding allows you to be prepared for if anything goes wrong, which ultimately gives you more control over your special day. So, whilst it might seem like added stress to begin with, a customised wedding could actually reduce some pre-wedding anxiety.

    why should you customise your wedding day summer flowers wedding theme

    You’ll have fun regardless!

    It’s your wedding day! Everything will fall into place by the time the big day arrives. The most important thing is not just enjoy the day itself, but the days leading up to it. It’s important that planning is exciting. To make sure that your excitement isn’t lost at any point of planning, pick up something that is going to remind you that your special day is getting closer, such as this personalised countdown calendar from notonthehighstreet.

    why should you customise your wedding day customised wedding calendar


    Managing Stress During Wedding Planning

    Whilst wedding planning is exciting, the stress that derives from wedding planning is inevitable. One thing to always remember is that you are not alone. Managing stress during wedding planning can be crucial to making your wedding journey an enjoyable one.

     Today we have some top tips for managing this stress from Luxury Wedding Planners Luxe by Mini Haha Stress during wedding planning comes from many different sources including your family, your suppliers and your partner. It’s proven that the number one person that will stress you out the most is the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. But don’t worry! Your big day is just around the corner.

    Managing Stress During Wedding Planning

    Take a deep breath and consider the following stress management tips: –

    Budget Management: It is an absolutely crucial task to undertake whilst wedding planning. Money is such an easy thing to fight about generally and you will probably fight over it a lot more when wedding planning. Sit down with your partner and determine a wedding budget diving it into sections. This will allow you to see where you are going to spend the most money on. The final tip is to STICK TO your budget unless you absolutely have to go over it.

    Your wedding suppliers can add on stress by constantly adding upgrade options or pressurising you to make decisions on things you might not necessarily want. The best thing to do before even booking a wedding supplier is to research as much as you can about them, their portfolio as well as reviews. This allows you to know everything you need to know about them and make an informed decision on whether to book them or not before they can even start stressing you. Once you have hired them; Go through supplier contracts! This allows both you and the supplier to set realistic expectations. Know what you are paying for!

    Schedule some time to yourself once or twice a week. You could meditate or go for some pampering sessions to help reduce your stress levels. Consider softening scented candles such as lavender to help you stay relaxed once you get back home.

    managing stress during wedding planning candles

    managing stress during wedding planning lavender products

    Hire a wedding planner if your budget permits. Believe you me; they can save you the stress. One of the many things that couples have to go through is trying to manage everyone’s expectations. If you have a wedding planner, blame all the decision making on the professional. Your family and friends will steer away. Well at least for a while.

    managing stress during wedding planning wedding planner

    The most important thing to always remember in the midst of it all is to stay strong with each other. Don’t forget to do things that helped you fall in love in the first place. Make time for date nights for some quality alone time to enjoy other things other than wedding planning.

    managing stress during wedding planning champagne in bucket

    managing stress during wedding planning candelabra


    Do you have any top tips for managing stress during wedding planning? Would love to hear from you.

    Wedding Planning – Wedding trends for 2016

    Planning your own wedding is exciting but can you imagine being part of planning someone else’s day? With NCC Home Learning’s Wedding Planner course, not only will you have the skills to create a perfect wedding day for you, but you could make a career out of it too. So with this in mind and to get you on the right track, we have the latest wedding trends for 2016.

    Like fashion, interior design and so on, there are trends that come and go. This also applies to wedding tends and themes. From must-have venues to the style of dress, theme of the day and more. With social media having an impact on how the modern-day wedding can look, there are many wedding trends for 2016 that promise to be big.

    Wedding Trends for 2016

    The wedding look

    Couples are wanting to give their guests an experience and there are many ways of doing this. Suffice to say, couples are looking beyond the ordinary and the accepted, striking out with some fun, romantic ideas:

    • Anything that glitters – there has been an increase in the use of metallic colours and tones in everything from icing on the cake to accessories of the reception venue. Silver, gold or even brassy tones are perfect if you love the versatility of anything that glitters.

    wedding trends for 2016 bride with black gold wedding decor

    • The stuff of memories – couples are choosing to share deep, romantic memories with their guests including holding the wedding and celebrations at a place that is important to them. But if you can’t afford to whisk people to your favourite tropical island, bring elements of your love story to your venue.

    wedding trends for 2016 photo signing jigsaw

    • Dream the dream – romance should be oozing out of every pore at a wedding and you do this by creating ambience. Lighting is key to creating a romantic glow to proceedings.

    wedding trends for 2016 coloured mood lighting tented ceiling ceremony

    • Take your seats! – but not with the traditional reception layout. Ditch the round conference tables and opt for long trestle like tables instead. Have lounging areas too, with delicious cocktails.

    Read more

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