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    Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

    Many couples grow up from a young age with a picture of their perfect wedding in mind. You often find that reality is not always quite as easy as the imaginary, but with a bit of searching you can find the perfect wedding venue, and make sure that you have a truly memorable day.

    Sea View Weddings

    You may have always dreamed of a beach wedding. That may be a bit more realistic in Australia than it would be in, say Cornwall.  There are many beach wedding venues in Melbourne; at Brighton Savoy they offer not only high quality indoor facilities, but you can also hire the outside terrace for a wedding with a sea view. However, even here, and even more so in the UK, you do also need to have a contingency plan in case you do not get the weather that you hope for, so combining both a terrace and an indoor venue would be a good idea.

    choosing the perfect wedding venue brightonsavoy melbourne wedding breakfast for love me love my wedding

    choosing the perfect wedding venue bride groom cliff cornwall for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography 

    Work Out the Logistics

     You need to keep in mind that when you plan your wedding, people are going to be travelling from all over, so the ease of getting to the venue is very important. Having the option of having your wedding in a hotel also gives your guest the option to stay over for the night, meaning transport is not as important a detail.

    choosing the perfect wedding venue goldsborough hall bride honeymoon suite for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography  Read more

    Advantages of a Country Wedding Venue

    When you get married, you want your day to be memorable and for the day to be perfect. It takes a lot of time and research to achieve this. However, thousands of couples pull this off and you can too.

    The first step to organising a successful wedding is to decide on the look and feel you are after and find a venue that will allow you to hold a wedding like that. If you want a small intimate wedding, a huge venue is not going to fit the bill. Likewise, it is practically impossible to create a ‘Gone with the Wind’ feel if you get married in a modern venue. The right venue makes a huge difference to whether you can create the ambience you want for your wedding celebrations.

    Country or urban

    Another important decision is whether you hold the reception in a country or urban location. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of venue, but for the most part country venues are a better option. Here is why:

    Advantages of a country wedding venue

    Plenty of space

     The biggest advantage with country venues is that there is always plenty of space. This means that you do not have to worry about where everyone is going to park or whether there is space for the young guests to play outside.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue country games children for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    No need to worry about the neighbours

     Because these venues are usually set in their own grounds, there is no need to worry about disturbing the neighbours. In many urban venues, the reception has to end by a certain time and the noise has to be kept down.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom rapeseed field lane for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Accommodation on site

    Most country venues also offer accommodation for the bride and groom and members of the wedding party. Of course, you get this option if you use a hotel in an urban area, but if you opt instead to hold your wedding reception at a hall, you will have to travel to the hotel to get changed.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom lakeside for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    First class service

     Most country venues only do weddings. This means that their staff are not stretched trying to look after the needs of hotel guests as well as take care of the wedding party. This means that you always get their full attention and, as a result, flawless service.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom holding hands strolling for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Fantastic photo opportunities

     The countryside provides a fantastic backdrop for your wedding photos.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom tractor sheep for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

     Charming but contemporary venues

     A great example of a location that ticks all of the boxes is Heaton House, a lovely wedding venue in Cheshire. This venue has several buildings that are licensed for weddings. Each one has its own character. There is an oak beamed entrance barn, which is popular with smaller wedding groups.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue bride groom sunset heaton house farm for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    The other big barn is divided into two areas. One area is finished as an ivory marquee that can be colour washed, with lighting, to provide a unique backdrop for each wedding. The other half can be transformed into a romantic twinkly night sky venue.  In addition, there are two areas set aside for those who want to get married in a pergola or garden setting including a waterside setting.

    Advantages of a country wedding venue heaton house farm moodlighting christmas wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Most country venues offer a range of settings. They are perfect for letting you stage your wedding in the way you want.

    Tented Wedding Venue – Marquees, Tents, Pagodas and Beyond

    tented wedding venue marquee decor for love me love my wedding

    When people think about weddings, they often conjure up images of churches, hotels and registry offices. However, the fact is weddings are changing and couples are now looking for more innovative and unusual venues for their big days. Today we are looking at tented venues or temporary structures, from the conventional to the downright exotic.

    The advantage of this type of venue is that they are more portable-so if you have a large garden you could have your wedding there, you could pitch up in a farmer’s field (with permission of course), or even the grounds of a country manor or hotel.

    Just remember there are a few things to consider.

    Toilets: – I’ve been to marquee weddings where there have been NO toilets in the marquee and guests have had to traipse through a windswept filed to spend a penny-Not ideal.

    Power: you’ll need to consider generators to bring electricity to your venue. Candlelight may be very romantic but you need electricity for lighting, a sound system and heating or air conditioning.

    Catering: The chances are you’ll need outside caterers.This a great way to create a menu that suits you perfectly.Make sure you take advantage of food tastings. A great way to sample the menus and you can never say no to free food!

    Bar: If you need to organise a bar, make sure the alcohol is included. I was once at a wedding where the groom and both dads were frantically buying up all alcohol and mixers from every little shop in a remote Cornish village, 3 hours before the wedding, because they thought alcohol was included in the cost of the bar hire.

    So now over to our favourite tented wedding venue ideas…..

    1. Yurts

    If you’ve not seen one before, a yurt is a portable, round structure with a dome roof. These distinctive creations are increasingly being used as holiday accommodation and as venues for celebrations. There’s something rustic and charming about their look, and they can be ideal for weddings in the countryside.

    tented wedding venue yurt wedding for love me love my wedding

    It’s worth noting that unlike many other potential venues, yurts tend to be on the small side, so if you’re planning a huge party, they might not be right for you. However, for smaller, more intimate weddings, they can be ideal. One thing’s for sure, by holding your big day in a yurt, you’ll make an impression on your guests!

    2. Marquees

    Marquees may be nothing new in themselves, but these days there are lots of different – and in some cases outlandish – versions to choose from. These structures come in all shapes and sizes. Most are white, but many have clear panels and some are entirely transparent.

    tented wedding venue bedoin wedding decor for love me love my wedding

    By playing around with different lighting effects, furnishings and accessories, you can create some truly stunning effects in marquees. For example, perhaps you’ll choose to wow your guests with a glittery, Hollywood theme, or maybe something less formal and more playful like a fairy tale would suit you better.

    tented wedding venue marquee wedding fairy lights for love me love my wedding

    3. Big top

    If you really want to cause a stir on your big day, why not hire a ‘big top’ tent. These colourful creations are guaranteed to put people in the party mood. Big tops are available in a range of different sizes and, for the full effect, you could line up some circus-style entertainers. Jugglers and tightrope walkers will certainly make an unusual backdrop for your celebration!

    tented wedding venue big top wedding for love me love my wedding

    You could even provide your guests with edible circus-related treats, such as hotdogs, ice cream and popcorn.

    Read more

    Alternative Wedding Locations – Luxury Boats

    These days, weddings can be very expensive, yet they all tend to have the same atmosphere. Your wedding day should be something that it is unique and something that will stand out in the memory, which is why an alternative type of venue could be the answer. Today’s post, alternative wedding locations – luxury boats, will illustrate that a boat is a great place to get married if you want your day to be memorable.

     Alternative Wedding Locations – Luxury Boats

    Get married on a cruise

    If you are taking a cruise, then you may be able to arrange to get married on board the ship. Most of the larger boats will have a chapel, or there are other function rooms available that you might be able to use. You might even be able to arrange for some guests to come on board the ship for a few hours for the wedding and the reception if they choose not to go on the cruise with you. The larger boats will have all the facilities for both the wedding and the reception, with both large and small dining areas that may be available to you. This is a great option if you want the facilities of a large resort but a small, intimate wedding.  alternative wedding locations - luxury boats cruise ship wedding for love me love my wedding

    Why not a smaller luxury boat?

     There are plenty of smaller options for those who don’t want to take the cruise route to getting married on a ship. A superyacht such as the Lady Christine, owned by Lord Laidlaw, is a good example of luxury on a grand scale. With Lord Laidlaw set to make Ï17m selling cars, you can be sure that no expense was spared in the building and creation of the Lady Christine. The boat was launched just five years ago and was built at Royal Van Lent Shipyard with Lord Laidlaw overseeing every last detail of the build. A smaller boat such as this is perfect if you want to keep the event small, with just the bride and groom and perhaps a few close friends or family.

      alternative wedding locations - luxury boats lady christine yacht for love me love my wedding alternative wedding locations - luxury boats  lady christine interior for love me love my wedding

    Can you believe this is the interior of a boat?

    If you do decide that a luxury boat is the ideal venue for your wedding, then you will be in good company. Celebrities David Charvet and Brooke Burke chose to get married on a boat off the coast of St Bart’s, and Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, recently got married on board a yacht. People visiting the Greek islands can arrange to get married on board a catamaran and then sail around the islands for their honeymoon.

      alternative wedding locations - luxury boats brooke burje david charvet wedding for love me love my wedding alternative wedding locations - luxury boats luxury yacht wedding ceremony for love me love my wedding

    With the ceremony and reception all catered for in one place, it can save you not only money but also time, and your day will still have the wow factor. Planning for your wedding on a luxury boat is also generally easier as there is usually a wedding or event planner that you can liaise with to ensure that all the details are taken care of. Whether you want to go abroad to get married on a luxury boat or try something closer to home, a solution is not far away.

    Save Money on Your Wedding Venue – Five Simple Ways

    The wedding venue will be the largest expense that you have to pay out for on your wedding day. It’s important that you choose a location that will be suitable and perfect for your special day.  Yes, it is likely to take up the largest part of your wedding budget, but there are still some ways to save money on your wedding venue.  Keep reading for some tips from wedding website UK Wedding Savings.

    Save Money on Your Wedding Venue

    1. Choose One Venue Instead of Two

    Some venues are able to be used for both the marriage ceremony, and the reception. This means you won’t have to pay out for two separate location fees. You’ll probably save money on transport too!.  This isn’t only the case for people who want a non-religious ceremony either. Some churches also have village halls that can be utilised for the reception.

    save money on your wedding venue outdoor wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    2. Get Married During the Off-Season

    The summer months are widely considered to be ‘wedding season’. Venues during June, July, and August often get booked very quickly.  If you don’t mind the risk of rain (or snow) on your wedding day, consider booking your wedding during the off-season.  Not only are wedding venues a lot cheaper in months like November and January, but so are plane tickets.  So you’ll be able to save money on your wedding venue, and your honeymoon!

    save money on your wedding venue outdoor wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    3. Shorten the Reception

    You may have planned on having the reception last into the early hours of the morning. You might want to think again.  Instead of having the reception end at 2am, consider having it finish at 11pm.  Not only will most guests not notice the early finish, but you will also be able to save money on the band, the photographer, and the caterers.  And, you’ll be able to get some much needed sleep before you leave for your honeymoon.

    save money on your wedding venue weekday wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    4. Avoid Getting Married on a Saturday

    The majority of people choose to get married on a Saturday. It is a day that most people are free from work.  However, because of this, it is also the most expensive day to get married.  Instead, see if you could book your wedding for a weekday instead.  Friday is a good choice, but an even better option is a Monday or Tuesday.  You also don’t have to get married in the morning. Evening weddings are becoming popular now. These are ideal for people who want to invite friends who may have to work during the day.

    save money on your wedding venue diy bunting wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    5. Go Non-Traditional

    Traditional wedding venues such as churches, country houses, and dedicated wedding reception halls are very expensive. Although they are able to offer a lot of services, they can often cost more than what some couples are prepared for.  If this sounds like you, it’s time to think outside the box.  Many different venues could be perfect for a wedding. City run spaces like museums and zoos, parks and gardens are fab alternatives.  Alternatively, why not consider having the wedding on a beach or in a private garden?  Whilst you may need to self-cater, or pay the caterers slightly more, the cost of the venue will be next to nothing.

    save money on your wedding venue museum wedding for love me love my wedding

    Image by Chelsea Shoosmith

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