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    Top Wedding Stationery Trends for 2015/2016

    Today we have some wedding prettiness to share with you courtesy of wedding stationer, Nikki Ward, of Knots and Kisses. She is sharing the top wedding stationery trends for 2015/2016 with us, so if you need invitation inspiration, then look no further. Over to you Nikki.

    As a wedding stationer I’m always being asked what my top wedding trends are for wedding stationery this year. Whilst I’m a firm believer in your wedding reflecting you and your partner, I also appreciate that couples want a wedding that is on trend as well. So here are my top trends for this year.

    Top Wedding Stationery Trends for 2015/2016


    Watercolour and painted effects and finishes are bang on trend at the moment. This can be an all over effect on the background of the invitation, the style of the font … but more and more in floral details.

    In my Pretty Pastels range I’ve added a painted floral motif in the corners of the invitation and matched this with cute pastel belly bands in either lilac, pink or lemon.

    Top wedding stationery trends for 2015/2016 pretty pastels for love me love my wedding


    I’ve found lots of clients over the last 6 months looking for darker wedding invitations as a bit of an antidote to the traditional white and pastels you find in wedding stationery. In the same way that there is an interiors trend for grey walls. I’ve combined a slate grey background and dark plum colours in my Midnight Rose range for those that want florals but with a darker bohemian feel.

    Top wedding stationery trends for 2015/2016 dark bohemian for love me love my wedding


    There’s definitely a massive swing towards shades of blue in weddings this year which I see continuing into next. Not an ‘obvious’ wedding colour its proving incredibly popular and lots of clients are asking for shades of navy, teal or duck egg incorporated into their wedding stationery.

    I think blue can look incredibly beautiful paired with crisp white or shades of grey and green and is versatile as it can look strikingly modern. Or put together with twine and hessian for gorgeously rustic.

    My Tuscany range shows how to use Blue to give a Mediterranean feel.

    Top wedding stationery trends for 2015/2016 shades of blue for love me love my wedding


    Lace as always continues to be a popular embellishment. Although I think for the next year it will be used in a more elegant rather than rustic way. The last few years have seen a lot of lace on top of hessian. I think going forward we are going to be looking at more subtle lace embellishments such as the thin lace ribbon I use to tie up my Victorian Garden range with a small monogrammed tag.

    Top wedding stationery trends for 2015/2016 lace embellishment for love me love my wedding

     Thankyou to Nikki for her fab inspiration. I love the dark bohemian range. Such a lover of strong colour.

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    Choreographed First Dance – Footloose Friday

    The first dance. The first “public appearance” to the world at large as a married couple. Often a daunting prospect. Something to endure. To get through and then get drunk afterwards. How about a choreographed first dance? Is that more daunting or does it make it easier? If you have practiced a routine together and know the moves off my heart, maybe you will be more relaxed and have fun.

    There are plenty of organisations out there that offer wedding dance classes, so that you are well prepared for the big event. For the exhibitionists out there or the fun loving, dance fiends it is also an excuse to show off those skills. It’s their time to shine. You may have some signature shapes that you can throw into a routine that friends and family know only too well from previous family bashes.

    You may just need a helping hand to build up a bit of confidence so you are not worrying about tripping up or standing on each other’s toes.

    Whether you seek professional help or not, it is always worth having a brief chat about what you intend to do. Even if you just throw a twirl into the shuffle, it will go down a storm with your guests. The more effort you put in, the bigger the wow factor for you and everyone at your wedding.

    Choreographed first dance

    choreographed first dance for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Wedding Photography

    A choreographed first dance can be a real talking point for your guests. it can be a great way to kick off the party.

    So you could go for a traditional slow routine, or something fun and up tempo, like this couple did for their dance routine. Who doesn’t like Footloose?

    Well I don’t know about you but I am definitely ready to get Footloose on the nearest dance floor. What will you be doing for your first dance? I would love to hear from you.

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    Valentines Day – Valentines Verse and Gifts

    Do you need a bit of help with a Valentines verse or gift?  Do you know what you are buying for your loved one? Do you know what you intend to write in that card? Is it all just a bit too much stress on top of wedding preparations?  Well today we have teamed up with Interflora to share some statistics that may make you realise you are definitely not alone.

    Do you struggle to put your romantic thoughts into words?  If you do, you may be interested to hear that you’re not alone!  A recent survey conducted by Interflora found that 53% of people in the UK struggled with penning their romantic thoughts.

    Valentines verse and gifts survey for love me love my wedding

    They also discovered that sending love letters appeared to be a dying art, with 43% of people saying they haven’t sent one for several years!  The rise of modern technology could be to blame, with many people preferring to express their love for that special someone by phone or social media instead.

      Valentines verse and gifts romantic  words methods for love me love my wedding

    The survey also revealed the best (and worst) Valentine’s Day presents that women have ever received, with kitchen appliances and badly chosen underwear being amongst the worst presents.  Gents, we think it’s best to stay safe and stick to the classic jewellery or flowers as a gift for your loved one!

      Valentines verse and gifts for love me love my wedding

    To try and change these habits and to help the nation with expressing their innermost feelings, Interflora have been challenging people to craft a beautifully thought-through Valentines verse that truly expresses their emotions.  The ‘Verses for My Valentine’ challenge has culminated in the collation of the ‘Little E-Book of Romantic Verse’ which they hope will inspire the nation to craft their own perfect message for their Valentine.

    Valentines verse and gifts romantic letters for love me love my wedding

    If you’re looking for inspiration for your own romantic Valentines verse, why not look to the nation’s favourite romantic poem: Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare.

     “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

    Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

    Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,

    And summer’s lease hath all too short a date”

    Valentines verse and gifts romantic silhouette for love me love my wedding

    Now that’s for the true romantic, but if you prefer something with a bit more humour and a lot less hearts and flowers how about something like this:-

    Some say it with kisses, some say it with hugs.

    I say it with bacon butties and hot, sweet tea in mugs.

    You get up with the kids and leave me to lie in.

    I sometimes do the washing, you do the ironing.

    I could be more romantic and maybe you could too.

    Our love is practicality; it works for me and you.

    We know each other’s flaws, there’s no need to pretend.

    We are the closest allies, you are my closest friend.

    I know that maybe sometimes, I don’t say it enough,

    I just assume you know it and forget romantic stuff.

    So I have wrote this verse, for you my Valentine,

    To show you that I love you with just a simple rhyme.

    Emma Jones @emstevie For my husband Dustain 

    There you have it. Lots of inspiration to pen the perfect Valentines verse and sweep your loved one off their feet. Happy Valentine’s Day!


    Men In Kilts – Wedding Menswear Hire

    Now I’m not going to surprise many people here by joining the legions of woman who like to perv over men in kilts. I can’t really explain why. Is it the sight of a pair of hairy knees? The tantalising glimpse of chunky thigh, accentuated by knee high socks? Well if that’s what floats your boat then why don’t we get all giggly about a man in Bermuda shorts, socks and sandals? Is it the thought of what lies beneath the kilt? Do women really want to see men’s dangly bits that much? I can’t explain it but the good news is Highland wear is bang on trend? In some areas of England, such as Manchester, London, Leicester and Sheffield out-do their Scottish counterparts in the kilt wearing stakes.
    A McAvoy Photography image of wedding groomsmen in kilts for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    So as wedding season official hits the UK high street, with the second week in January confirmed as bringing a 500% increase in groom suit bookings, Young’s Hire, the UK’s largest formal wear company has revealed their stats on men in kilts for us to enjoy. Of course I’ll be throwing in a few images to drool over as we read….. 

     Young’s sales data has revealed that traditional highland wear is set to take centre stage during 2015. Donning a kilt and sporran has always been seen as a statement of true Scottish identity, however new data from Young’s Hire has revealed that, incredibly, there are more proud Scots in England than in Scotland when it comes to selecting traditional Scottish dress.

    Young’s Hire analysed more than 400,000 garment hires during the last 12 months and revealed some fascinating trends when it comes to men and their formal outfits.

    Grey tailcoat wedding menswear for Love me Love My Wedding

    Youngs Hire slate tailcoat

    A whole host of English cities saw more tartan rentals than their Scottish counterparts in 2014, with London (21%), Leicester (12%), Manchester (10%) and Sheffield (10%) all topping Dundee (9%). Surprisingly Aberdeen accounted for just two percent of the UK’s highland wear hires – ranking well below Liverpool (6%), Bristol (6%), Newcastle (4%), and Cardiff (3%).

     When it comes to tartan trends this winter, Grey Granite continues its tradition as a long standing favourite, with the most popular often generating upwards of 30% of total sales. A close second, and a pattern that shows real national pride is the Pride of Scotland check, which racks up 23% of sales at this time of year.

    men in kilts for Love me Love my Wedding

    Youngs grey Granite Highland wear

    Chris Burns, at Young’s Hire, comments: “It’s always fascinating to take a more holistic look at the formalwear trends around the UK, and it’s great to see that although people are really broadening their horizons when it comes to suiting-up for a special occasion, the traditional items like a top hat and tailcoat are still proving very popular. It’s great that traditional Scottish highland wear is still going strong and is growing in popularity across England.”

    When accessorising with highland wear, cravats remain the top neckpiece accessory, and when it comes to trends this winter, Ivory’s 15% leads the way, closely trailed by light pink and silver on 9%.

    Dressing in a kilt for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    When it comes to the traditional ‘top hat and tails’ at weddings, the North/South divide has never been more apparent, with London topping the charts when going all out to impress, accounting for more than 10% of the total top hat rentals. The people of Essex (6%) and Berkshire (5%) also opted for elegant tradition when it comes to dressing for their special day.

    Top hat and red shoes for Love me Love my Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Northern cities on the other hand, tend to avoid donning their ‘best bib and tucker’ when heading to weddings and other formal functions, with Newcastle accounting for a measly 0.014% of all top hat rentals, Manchester (1%) and Leeds (2%).

    So are you having a Highland fling of a wedding? Please send pics-we’d love to see more men in kilts 🙂


    Bridal Fashion – Short Wedding Dresses

    As we all sit shivering under blankets, munching mince pies and watching classic Morecambe and Wise on the TV, you may also be thinking to the future and a wedding in warmer times. You may be getting married abroad, you may want a dress you can dance in, you may want to show off some killer shoes. If any of these are you, then you might want to look at the fab short wedding dress styles that are around. Today I am showcasing some of myfavourites from Rosa Novia.

    short wedding dress

    We love this straight mini skirt wedding dress with overszed flower waist band and cowl neckline.

    mini skirt wedding dress

    We love this lace dress. Formal up top, flirty below!

    short wedding dress

    We adore both of these cute sweetheart neckline dresses with ruched skirt

    lace wedding gown

    one shoulder short wedding dress

    This dress is perfect for a sophisticated beach wedding.

    wedding gown

     And if you can’t decide between long or short, how about a bitof both?

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