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    Valentines Day Surprises and Messages to Show Your Undying Love

    So Valentines Day is just around the corner. If you are planning for a wedding you may not be in the mood for love AT ALL. Also if you are saving for a wedding, then there may not be a huge amount of money to spend on gifts, so today we have some very thoughtful but pretty low budget ideas that will also remind you just why you are planning that big day.

    Mary Howard, a counselor for many years, is always looking for ways to help people find happiness. An avid writer, she likes to share what she finds by posting online and today she is sharing a few ideas to get you in the mood for love……

    Valentines Day for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Planning a Valentines Day surprise or wedding anniversary treat can be a tricky business. There’s a fine line between romantic and cliché. Instead of just saying, “You’re the best husband/wife/fiance,” and extending a handful of chocolates, try these messages and surprises to show you still care.

    Valentines day couple by McAvoy Photography for Love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Inside Your  Card, Say…

    “Even though the years are passing, spending each day with you at my side will never get old. Thank you for lighting up my life by sharing yours with me!”

    “Amazing. Unbelievable. One of a kind. I could say all these words to describe you. But the years together have taught me you are way beyond all those things. There is no word for how precious you are to me. Happy anniversary!”

    “You know all those people who say no one is perfect? Well, every time I look at you, I can’t help but think they’re clueless. Thank you for being my everything all these years!”

    “Years ago I married my best friend-you. The only difference between then and now is that, now, I have even more reasons to do it again. Happy anniversary!”

    Valentines day cuddling couple by mcavoy Photography for Love Me Love My wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

     Valentines Day Surprises

    Get a bunch of simple helium balloons and print off pictures of you and your loved one. Tie the pictures to the balloons with pretty ribbons and place them all around your house, especially in the bedroom. To make the gesture extra special, write something loving or provocative on the back of each picture, such as “I can still eat you up after all these years” for a picture of the two of you dining together.

    Write a series of Valentines day love letters designed for your partner to open at specific times. For example, one might be labeled “Open When Feeling Blue” and be filled with heartfelt encouragement or jokes. Present all the letters in a box tied up with a ribbon.

    Valentines day love letters by mcavoy photography for love me love my wedding

    Images by McAvoy Photography

    Create a list of all the reasons why you love your partner. Print out the list and frame it in a nice frame or. If you want to get a little more elegant, have it engraved or etched.

    Go through the alphabet, coming up with something touching for each letter. For instance, “A is for how amazing you are” or “G stands for how grateful I am to have you.” This can be a simple list you have your partner read, or you can get more elaborate, doing a scrapbook or slideshow type of presentation.

    For your Valentines day present show your love with a keepsake wedding Christmas ornament customized with your wedding date.

    Instead of breakfast, have a Valentines day surprise dinner in bed. Once you and your spouse have nibbled enough food, who knows what could happen! Just be careful of the crumbs 🙂

    Create a memory box filled with goodies from your relationship, such as the tie you wore on your first date or a lipstick identical to the one you had on during your first kiss. Go through the box together and reminisce.


    Valentines day and anniversaries should be extremely special occasions. Don’t treat them like they’re just another day! With these ideas and messages, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to steal away your partner’s heart (again!).

    Valentines day couple amidst sailing boats by mcavoy photography for love me love my wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

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