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    Wedding Planning – Four Practical Considerations For An Outdoor Reception

    They might not be the most glamorous part of any wedding day but, once the flurry of excitement surrounding your engagement has subsided and the date you’ve lovingly asked all your friends and family to save draws nearer, those practical elements of wedding planning start to come more and more into focus.

    This is particularly essential if you’re planning that any part of your wedding, whether it’s the whole day or just your evening reception, is going to take place outside – you’ve just got be smart about how you accommodate your guests! This latest guest post runs through four of the most important practical considerations for your outdoor reception.

    1. Pick Your Venue – You’ll Need The Space!

    If you’re aiming for something outdoor, whether it’ll be the whole ceremony, meal and reception or if it’s just going to be your more relaxed evening do, then you’ve really got to factor in a reasonable amount of space for the number of people you expect to turn up. In addition to the space for something like a marquee, you’re also going to have to factor in food and bar areas, adequate space for solid surface walkways (to avoid those ‘sinking heels’ moments!), as well as potential areas for toilets and washrooms.


    It all depends on what your venue has available – if you’re planning an outdoor wedding then discuss this with the venue. They might be able to make provisions such as access to indoor toilet facilities, or use of their bar while everything else takes place in your marquee outside – the key is negotiation and planning with your venue. Chances are, they’ve done it all before!


    Helpful Resources: You & Your Wedding venue finderUK tool for venues all over the country.

                                           VenueFinder.com’s wedding venue tool Another UK repository

    2. Perfect Parking Planning

    You can make allowances for literally everything else, from venue size to catering and your bar, but if you’ve got 150 guests and even just half as many cars, you need to account for somewhere for them to go! Particularly if you’re in an outdoor location that’s fairly rural, you might find that nearby parking is limited. There’s a great online car park finding tool we recommend you use in conjunction with finding your venue, to strike the balance between picturesque perfection and parking practicability.

    Helpful Resources: Parkopedia A great online nationwide car park finder.

    3. Don’t Be Plunged Into Darkness!

    Power is something we ultimately take for granted at home or in more permanent venue – we don’t question how it gets there, just flick a switch and expect instant electricity. Considering your power supplies is absolutely essential for any outdoor wedding reception – without it, there’s no prospect of a band, DJ, audible speeches and toasts, bar, food or any semblance of lighting.


    Consider where you’re marquee or structure is going to get its power from – does the venue have a permanent building nearby which can be connected to? If not, have you considered your options for standalone power generators? Check with you venue first, and then get in touch with a specialist firm.

     Helpful Resources: Tarplett Generators Specialist firm dealing in diesel power generators.

     4. Have A Backup!

    As much as you might be dreaming for a winter wonderland wedding with frost-strewn lawns and a warm, inviting marquee for all your guests, or a summer paradise that really make the most of the warm weather, we’re all well aware of the unpredictability of British weather. All it takes is for a passing winter downpour to turn your planning perfection into a damp disaster – so we’d recommend having a backup.

      marquee wedding

    Does the venue you’re using the outdoor space of have buildings that you and your guests could retreat into given weather-based catastrophe? Is your location outdoors likely to mean guests would have to trudge through a muddy wasteland just to get to their cars? These are all factors you need to consider – using one of the sites we listed in the first point, get in touch with them and put together a contingency plan!

     Ultimately, all of these boring and stressful-sounding considerations are only going to lead to success on your big day – letting you confidently relax and enjoy your celebrations with friends and family, safe in the knowledge you’ve planned to absolute perfection!

      marquee weddings

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