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  • Wedding Planning – How to Plan Your Perfect Proposal

    A proposal of marriage is as important a moment as the wedding day itself. It’s the moment when you tell your partner that your love for them is so great that you want – no – need to spend the rest of your life with them. You want the perfect proposal so that it brings back cherished memories forever.

    Ultimately a great deal of planning needs to go into the wedding itself, but how much thought have you given to the other big day – the one where you propose?

    Unless you and your partner both love doing things on the spur of the moment, you’ll want to give a lot of thought to how you’ll do it. After all, it is a moment that you will both treasure and reminisce about for many years to come.

    The perfect proposal plan

    McAvoy Photography perfect proposal kissing couple silhouette for Love me Love My Wedding

     The secret to an amazing, memorable or perfect marriage proposal is all in the planning and for that, you’ll need to think about the most important factors – namely, the venue, the ring, music and words, family and friends. Sit down and think about what means the most to your partner and what would make the moment as special for them as it could possibly be.

    The venue

    If you’re stuck for ideas there are lots to choose from. Scotland, for example, has some of the most stunning locations in the world. Maybe you could return to the place where you had your first date, have a horse drawn carriage ride on a beautiful day, take a boat trip on a beautiful Scottish loch or around one of its many islands. How about a walk along a beach, where your partner finds your proposal as a message in a bottle or written in the sand?

    Beach perfect proposal for Love me Love My wedding

    Scottish Highland perfect proposal for Love Me Love My Wedding

    After a romantic meal is another time to propose, with the ring arriving with the pudding, or in a beautiful fairytale castle – guaranteed to put some real magic into your moment. And, if you’re a couple who like to keep active, maybe you could arrange a treasure hunt somewhere beautiful, with the ring as the final prize?

    You might also choose your timing well to offer an element of romance – maybe under the tree at Christmas time, on Valentine’s Day or during a family party on New Year’s Eve to mark the start of your new life together with the start of the new year.

    The ring

    If you know your partner well enough to want to spend the rest of your life with them, you’ll know the sort of stunning engagement ring to choose that will totally blow them away on your special day. Diamonds are a classically beautiful way to propose to your loved one. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and whether it’s the icy elegance of a white gold setting or the warmth of yellow or rose gold that you choose, a diamond engagement ring is guaranteed to make a stunning addition to your partner’s finger and make your proposal the most magical it can be.

    Laings diamond engagement ring perfect proposal for Love me Love My Wedding

    laings diamond engagement ring perfect proposal for Love Me Love My Wedding

     If you or your partner prefers platinum or rose gold, take a look at a vintage brilliant cut diamond engagement ring.

    Rose gold diamond engagement ring perfect proposal Love Me Love My Wedding

     Music and words

    What is going on in the background when you make your magical proposal? You’ll want to ensure that nothing detracts from the magic of the moment, so give a thought to the atmosphere. If it’s a magical fairytale venue, such as Sweetheart Abbey, or an intimate restaurant setting, maybe you could have some quiet peaceful music playing in the background. Or, perhaps, if you have an “our song” this could be playing softly. If music concerts are more your thing, maybe you could pop the question just before a favourite song is about to start? Whatever you choose, the secret is to keep in mind that you want to make the moment memorable, so put as much thought into it as you can. Also, give some thought to what you will say, whether you want to tell your loved one how much they mean to you, or whether a simple ‘marry me’ will have the greater impact.

    Couple sat in cherry blossom fperfect proposal Love Me Love my Wedding

    Couple at Lowry Theatre life is not a rehearsal perfect proposal Love me love my Wedding

    Family and Friends

    It’s all down to how you feel as a couple. Maybe you like to keep your relationship private, special and intimate, or maybe you want to shout to the world about your love for one another.

    Perfect proposal for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Image by McAvoy Photography

    Whichever way you choose it to be, this is also something that will require planning. Think – are you going to be traditionally romantic and ask your partner’s parents beforehand, or are you going to keep your plans a secret from everyone? Will you elope to a romantic setting such as Gretna Green, just the two of you, or would you choose a family party, such as on New Year’s Eve to ask the big question?

    Public perfect proposal for Love Me Love My Wedding

    Public marriage proposalHowever you decide to do the perfect proposal, it’s always a good idea to make it as big a surprise as possible for your partner (unless, of course, they hate surprises) – only keep the people in the loop who need to be and make sure the big moment is as magical as it can be.

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